Reports of the Republican Party’s death are greatly exaggerated | Mulshine

The Republican Party is in chaos as Donald Trump continues to rule with an iron fist even though he left the White House in disgrace. Dissenters dare not speak up against The Donald.

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Rather than honest debate, Star-Ledger tries McCarthyism by slapping race card

By Scott St. Clair

Scott St. Clair1The Star-Ledger hit a new low of innuendo and guilt-by-association smear tactics in editorially trying to link racists to the Republican Party.  You get an A+ in McCarthyism and dirty tricks, but an F in integrity and respect for any point of view other than your own.

The editorial’s subliminal message is that Republicans who disagree with the paper’s editorial board or President Obama on policy do so for racially-motivated reasons.

Why not consider that maybe, just maybe, those who disagree do so because the policies are horrible, not in the national interest and complete failures?

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The death of Republicanism, Part 2: the endurance race

By Charles Measley


GOP deathLast week I outlined how the Democrats have been implementing a long-term strategy of positioning their people into key places of influence such as the media and the education system. But in that sentence lies the main differences between the two philosophies of winning; to Democrats it’s an endurance race, when to Republicans it’s a sprint. Republicans view the battlefield as individual election cycles, whereas Democrats view it as a long-term endurance race, constantly campaigning and building a sustainable infrastructure to dominate elections in the long term.

Earlier this morning Breitbart had a piece outlining this perfectly. Obama’s donors will be financing a long-term project called Organizing For Action, which will focus on supporting the President’s long-term agenda. Also the President converted his campaign into a 501(c)4 organization called Organizing For America (which means they don’t have to disclose donor information). What long-term organizations did the Republican Party set up after our embarrassing loss in November? That’s right none!

This problem isn’t just with our party, but with our candidates as well. The Democrats are constantly building and molding their candidates. How many years has Frank Pallone been preparing to run for U.S. Senate? Seven years! After failing to get his parties nomination back in 2006 he has been preparing himself and his campaign to battle it out for Frank Lautenberg seat (once Lautenberg’s cold dead fingers are pried from his Senate seat). Pallone has been campaigning at full steam since 2010. He doesn’t take breaks between election cycles, he goes at it putting in 100%. Look over his FEC reports and you’ll see he’s constantly building his fundraising base and campaign structure.

NJ Republicans have known this battle was coming and now it is here in the 2014 race for the United States Senate. But who are the frontrunners on the Republican side? No one! The Republican Party needs to focus on the long-term race by building key infrastructure to win elections not just for this years cycle, but for years to come. We need to build up candidates well in advance if we expect to win Democrat held seats.

I don’t say these things because I dislike the party or party leadership, but because I love this party. I love the principles and beliefs that we stand for! I want to see us succeed and not just to win elections, but rather dominate them!

To be continued…

Part 1

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Poll: Christie Viewed More Favorably Than Rubio Among All Voters But Trails with Republicans

By Matt Rooney, cross-posted at Save Jersey

I love politics. Always have. But after living through the 2012 GOP Primary, Save Jerseyans, I’m psyched to be three years away from another borish Republican debate.

I’m sure you agree!

Three years out, Chris Christie finds himself in a strong position relative to the rest of the hypothetical field according to a new national registered voter poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Naturally a lot can still change. And as predicted by your Blogger-in-Chief, the same Obama-related interactions that have elevated Christie’s brand in the minds of Indies and Dems have also potentially damaged his standing among Republican primary voters outside of the Garden State.

The numbers:


Right now, the FDU poll found Christie’s name recognition to be superior to FL Senator Marco Rubio’s by 12-points, 68% to 56%, among all voters. Christie is also viewed more favorably than Rubio by 9-points, 55% to 46%, though their unfavorable rating is about the same (20% and 21% respectively).

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An election night of GOP disaster – and the emergence of John Boehner

By Alan J. Steinberg

In a negative sense, the Republican Party accomplished the impossible last night.  In a year of economic stagnation and anemic job growth, the GOP failed to win the White House against an incumbent president who had begun the campaign with a negative approval rating.   At the beginning of 2012, most pundits expected the GOP to regain control of the U.S. Senate; instead, the Republicans appear to have incurred a net loss of two seats.


The reelection victory of incumbent President  Barack Obama was primarily a matter of demographics.  In my PolitickerNJ column of August 5, 2012, I described this demographic factor as follows:


“Obama’s larger electoral vote base is largely a function of what I define as demographic political inelasticity, namely the tendency of certain demographic groups to vote overwhelmingly for one party or the other, regardless of the condition of the economy.  Specifically, the Democrats have maintained the loyalty of African-American, Puerto Rican, Mexican-American, and single women voters, regardless of the current economic doldrums….”

One could also add voters under 25 to the list of these Obama demographic constituencies.

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