Fact checking parody

Facebook and Politifact have teamed up to warn the social media giant’s users that parody is not reality.



an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.


produce a humorously exaggerated imitation of (a writer, artist, or genre)

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Hot Pants

mostly-falseIf all press is good press, then Anna Little’s fledgling U.S. Senate campaign got a boost this morning when  The Star Ledger’s PolitFact gave her claims about Senator Robert Menendez’s spending and borrowing record a “MOSTLY FALSE” rating on the TRUTH-O-METER.

Little avoided the “PANTS ON FIRE” designation the Ledger gives for completely false claims, but earned the newly created Hot Pants designation from MMM.

What is most surprising about this morning’s PolitiFact post is that it has been up at NJ.com for two hours and it doesn’t have any comments from Rullo supporters, yet.

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