Anna Little Shines Light On Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plan

Congressional candidate Anna Little (R, NJ-6) held a press conference this morning to shed light on Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury and the plan for the treatment of brain injuries created by the Sarah Jane Donohue Foundation that has the bi-partison support of 110 members of the House of Representatives.

Little’s opponent, Congressman Frank Pallone, is preventing congress from holding an up for down vote on the the Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plain by refusing to allow  H. Con Res. 198 from being released from the committee he chairs.

Appearing Little was Patrick Donohue, Sarah Jane’s father, Kim Illions, President of the Pediatric Hydrocephus Foundation and Craig Sears a traumatic brain injury survivor.

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Pallone Holding Up Legislation For Kids With Head Injuries

By Art Gallagher

Frank Pallone is preventing H. Con Res. 198, a resolution recognizing Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury as the leading cause of death and disability in the United States for children and young adults from birth until 25 years of age and endorsing the National Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Plan to develop a seamless, standardized, evidence-based system of care universally accessible for all of these children, young adults, and their families, regardless of where they live in the country from being referred from the committee he chairs and getting an up or down vote from Congress, according to Patrick Donohue, father of Sarah Jane Donohue and founder of The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation.

110 members of congress from both parties have co-sponsored the resolution.

Donohue’s organization has developed a comprehensive plan for the prevention of and treatment for brain injuries among children and young adults up to the age of 25.  The program would cost approximately $930 million and would be funded through several federal departments under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the $787 billion dollar “stimulus” package passed last year.

Pallone refused to discuss the resolution or his reasoning for preventing a congressional vote on it, according to Donohue.  Maybe Pallone doesn’t like it because ACORN is not involved or because labor unions will not be putting members to work with “prevailing wage” compensation.  Or maybe it is because Donohue is a New York Republican fundraiser with close ties to former NY Governor George Pataki.

It can’t be because Pallone is suddenly a fiscal conservative.  After all he wants to spend $400 million to count fish.

UPDATE: Yesterday on his facebook page Pallone had an announcement that his committee had moved a bill for veterinary care.   Imagine that, pet care before pediatric brain care!

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