In GOP U.S. Senate Primary: Write-in Joe Kyrillos

By Art Gallagher

Sen. Joe Kyrillos and Mayor Fred Rast greeting voters in Atlantic Highlands last year. photo by Art Gallagher

Sen. Joe Kyrillos and Mayor Fred Rast greeting voters in Atlantic Highlands last year. photo by Art Gallagher

Several MMM readers have asked  me to endorse of a U.S. Senate candidate to take on Senator Cory Booker.  I can’t endorse, or vote for, any of the four candidates who are on the ballot this Tuesday.

I’m writing in Joe Kyrillos on Tuesday. If this post goes viral, Joe Kryillos could be the U.S. Senate Republican nominee on Tuesday night.  That’s how bad the U.S. Senate primary campaign has been.  Booker would then have a fight on his hands.  Share this post.

None of the four candidates on the ballot can make Booker break a sweat this fall.

None of the candidates on the ballot have raised enough money for a county freeholder race, never mind a statewide race for U.S. Senate.  Booker has spent over $12 million on his re-election bid since the first of the year. He had $2.9 million in cash on hand as of May 14.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos, the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in 2012, has refunded more money to his federal donors this year that any of the current Republican candidates have raised.

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Kyrillos Stays Positive With Third TV Ad

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Joe Kyrillos continues to introduce himself to New Jersey voters with the release of his third television ad today.

Here’s the script:

Joe Kyrillos: “I’ve talked to job creators from Burlington to Bergen, they tell me the same thing. Taxes, regulations, unfair competition from China, are killing jobs. My jobs plan will put America back to work. It reduces job killing regulations, streamlines government, and levels the playing field with China. Governor Christie and I are making progress in New Jersey, now it’s time to put America back to work.


Kyrillos’s opponent, incumbent Senator Bob Menendez has gone negative against Kyrillos in recent weeks with his “The Middle Class is Under Attack” theme.  Menendez and his surrogates, former acting Governor Richard Codey and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, have been attempting to link Kyrillos to Mitt Romney’s “47%” comment .

Kyrillos is promoting his partnership with Governor Christie and their methods as the way to “put America back to work.”

What do you think MMM readers?  Can Kyrillos beat Menendez by staying positive?   Does Christie help Kyrillos more than Codey and Booker help Menendez?   Will the ads work?

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