Middletown Democrats: Write In Michael Morris for Township Committee

Congressman Frank Pallone and Michael “Middletown Mike” Morris

Middletown Democrats who are examining their sample ballots in preparation of voting in the primary on Tuesday, June 6 will notice that only one candidate, William E. Hutton, is on the ballot for two seats on the Township Committee.  This has led to a flurry of activity of potential candidates trying to get the twenty-six write-in votes necessary to qualify to be on the ballot in November.

As good a job as Republicans Deputy Mayor Stephanie Murray and Committeeman Tony Fiore are doing for the people of Middletown, it is just un-American to let Murray or Fiore go unchallenged for another term.

For over 10 years, Michael Morris, aka Middletown Mike, has been preaching that “Truth, Justice and the American Way is possible all at once here in Middletown, the Bayshore and the great State of New Jersey. Read the rest of this entry »

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Democrat For A Day

Amy Quinn

Amy Quinn

Today is Monmouth County Democratic Chairwoman Amy Quinn’s birthday.

As a birthday gift, Amy asked that I become a Democratic blogger for the day.

In preparation, I checked out Middletown Mike’s blog.  Mike has the President’s weekly Youtube address and a Saturday morning cartoon posted.

Over at BlueJersey, they have a video of Chris Matthews interviewing Carl Lewis on MSNBC’s Hardball.  Matthews mentioned his friendship with the late Republican Jack Kemp and neither man talk about sensations in their legs.

Following suit, and as a gift to Amy on her birthday, I bring you Wolf Blitzer and James Carville.


Happy Birthday Amy!

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