Computer Security Experts: Disable Java Unless You Know You Need It

By Art Gallagher

Oracle released a fix to the Java vulnerability we reported last night.     The company said another update is due out “soon.”  You can access the fix here.

Or, you can do what multiple computer security experts are suggesting and disable or uninstall Java unless you know you need it.

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ZDNet: Security experts on Java: Fixing zero-day exploit could take ‘two years’

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Obama Loses 37,000 Twitter Followers

By Art Gallagher

President Obama took to Twitter yesterday, spamming his 9.4 million followers, asking that they tweet their Republican congressmen to support a compromise debt ceiling bill.

37,000 unfollowed him as of 7:30 last evening, according to Mashable.com.


The Republican congressman he targeted picked up approximately 6,000 followers.

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