Remembering About John Bennett What Art Gallagher Has Forgotten

By Tommy DeSeno

Dear MMM readers,

I have nothing against Christine Hanlon.  I understand she has come up through the ranks as a boots on the ground fighter and I’m down with that.  If she becomes Monmouth Chair and needs me I’ll be there for her.

But I must confess County politics is not my brand of Tea Party.  It embodies clientelism. I say that not to down the good people involved – it is designed to be clientelism.  I can’t imagine a local system that wouldn’t work that way.   So I watch from a distance, rooting for the Republican side, and serving when asked.

I’m compelled to write now due to the recent treatment of John Bennett.  In 2003 he was attached by a Camden County hydra.   That’s why he lost.  He suffered no ethical or criminal lapses (as the Press was forced to later print – one time).

What concerns me is that this website and some others are forgetting what went down in 2003.  To attack John using the hyperbole of Norcross warriors and Skip Hidlay fans is to use the weapons of an enemy to defeat a loyal friend.

I’ll hold no grudge if John loses this race to Monmouth people over Monmouth issues.  But to continue the Democrat attack that was started in 2003 to beat him is unfair and irresponsible.  It invites the Democrats to target more of our good people.  Let us not do their work for them.  Let us remember what went down in 2003 (the following was printed in the triCityNews on late October, 2003):

Camden’s Political Boss, The Asbury Park Press and Swaying Monmouth’s Elections

O, it is excellent to have a giant’s strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant.  William Shakespeare

The people of Monmouth County are under attack. A two-headed beast from Camden County is stealing away with our sovereignty. We must make a fight in our own defense for the sake of self-determination. Self-determination is why we fought the Revolutionary War; to govern ourselves, so not to be governed from afar.

Your attackers are stealthy. They won’t let you know what’s happening until it’s too late.  First examine the attack, and then join many of your Monmouth County neighbors in a grass roots effort to defend yourself.

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