Where’s Frank?

It’s been a week and Pallone is still silent on his operative assaulting a 68 year old woman

Frank Pallone talks a good game when it comes to violence against women.  He was a co-sponsor of Violence Against Women Act of 1999 , which never became law.  In September of 2009 he announced that the Justice Department gave a $250K grant to Manavi, Incorporated, a New Brunswick-based women’s rights organization that works to end all forms of violence against South Asian women living in the U.S.    

Where has he been since Joe Hawley slugged Jane Frotten?

In the last week Phoney Palloney has managed to tweet about the GOP’s antipathy towards high speed rails, the pea soup at the Highlands Oktoberfest, homecoming at Rutgers and the New York Times.

Nothing about his long time friend slugging a 68 year old woman over campaign sign placement.

Come on Frank.  Give a twit!

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Pallone Operative Slugs Little Senior Citizen Volunteer

Competing sign teams came to blows last evening in Atlantic Highlands when long time Pallone supporter Joe Hawley assaulted Atlantic Highlands GOP chairwoman Jane Frotten, 68.

According to Frotten, Hawley was interfering with a Little sign team in the borough when she showed up and tried to reason with the him.  Hawley screamed disparaging remarks about Jane’s husband Bernie, 79, and pushed her.  Jane, who serves as Anna Little’s campaign treasurer, hit him back.

The Atlantic Highlands police were called to the scene.  No charges have yet to be filed.

“He probably skipped his meds,” said Frotten about her assaulter.

Hawley could not be reached for comment.

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