Christie makes Gas Tax increase deal with Sweeney and Prieto

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Governor Chris Christie, Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Prieto announced a deal to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund with a $.23 per gallon gas tax increase this afternoon in Trenton.

In a press release from his office, Christie touted off setting tax decreases in the deal–“tax fairness”– which he said will more than compensate for the gas tax increase.

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Christie Shuts Down Road Construction

Arnone in talks to keep Monmouth County projects going uninterupted

14553041-mmmainjpg-f8bdaca3688cbb20Governor Chris Christie issued an Executive Order last night shutting down all projects funded by the state’s Transportation Trust Fund.  The fund’s authorization expired at midnight though published reports indicated that there is enough money in the fund to continue work through mid-August.

Christie’s dramatics came as a result of the Legislature failing to reauthorize the fund.  The Senate was considering a bi-partisan plan to reauthorize the fund with a $.23 per gallon gas tax increase while also phasing out the estate tax and income tax on retirement income.  The Assembly passed legislation negotiated by Christie and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto in the wee hours of Tuesday morning that would increase the gas tax $.23 and phase in a reduction in the state sales tax from 7% to 6%.  Christie said the last minute sales tax reduction was his idea.

The Christie/Prieto plan was widely panned from both the left an right and had little support in the Senate.

No plan under consideration addressed New Jersey’s highest in the nation cost of road construction: an estimated $2 million per mile on average.

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Sen. Beck Backs New Plan to Triple Estate-Tax Threshold to $2.5 Million

beck-150x1501A key Republican lawmaker has broken ranks with Gov. Chris Christie on repealing New Jersey’s estate tax, offering a compromise proposal that would keep the tax in place but significantly reduce how many people are hit by it. The new idea being floated by Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) comes… Read the rest of this entry »

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Will N.J. trade a higher gas tax for a lower death tax?

assetContent (45)TRENTON — New Jersey’s cheap gas is a point of pride in an otherwise high-tax state. On the other hand, the Garden State is notorious for its duo of death taxes often landing it a spot on superlative lists like “Where not to die” and “Worst states to die.” New Jersey is just one of two… Read the rest of this entry »
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