Eric Hinds seeks to take over the Holmdel GOP

By Art Gallagher

Eric Hinds

When I asked Holmdel Township Committeeman Eric J. Hinds if he was behind the slate of Republican County Committee candidates challenging 15 of the 20 Monmouth County Republican Organization candidates with The Holmdel Republican Committee slogan in the primary next Tuesday, June 5, he said, “I’ve been educating people about how to get more involved in their community.”

That evasive answer sounded a lot like the answer that one of the challenging candidates gave me earlier. “I want to learn how to get more involved in my community,” said Mary Vassilakos.  When I asked Vassilakos how the team of candidates came together, who was the leader and how was the slogan chosen she said, “The Holmdel Repbublican Committee is the name of the facebook page.”  “You named your slate of candidates after a facebook page?” I asked.  “You’re making it sound like some kind of conspiracy.  I don’t like your questions. You don’t have my permission to quote me.”

Hinds failed to educate his candidates about Off the Record protocol.  So I’ll do it:  You go off the record and get the reporter’s agreement prior answering a question.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Are All 3 Seats in LD 13 at play? Handlin and O’Scanlon appear to be headed to a primary

amy-and-declanAll three seats in the 13th legislative district appear to be up for grabs next year.

If published reports are to believed, Assembly Members Amy Handlin and Declan O’Scanlon are heading for a primary in June for the GOP nomination to succeed Senator Joe Kyrillos in the New Jersey Senate.

If both Handlin and O’Scanlon compete on the June ballot, rather than letting the County Committee members choose a nominee at a convention, both Assembly seats will be vacant.

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