To combat hate, share your love

By Art Gallagher

August 12, 1958 was a big day in my mother’s life. I don’t even remember it

I’ve intentionally stayed out the the raging debate over the terrible events in Virginia last weekend and the adequacy, or lack thereof, of President Trump’s response to them.

I consider most of the ranting, from both the left and the right, to be bullshit political posturing, or ass covering, that will make no positive difference at all in improving our quality of life. It won’t make a positive difference how we relate to people who don’t look like us, dress like us or talk like us. ¬†On the contrary, the raging narrative in the media seems to be increasing our divisions.

The best result, so far, of the current media narrative is that we are apparently no longer on the verge of nuclear war with the crazy fat kid in North Korea and the Russians are apparently no longer attempting to hijack our republic.

I’m inviting my little corner of the Internet to use the upset caused by recent events to create some love and harmony. I think its contagious.

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