Haney’s LD 12 Senate Campaign Will Spend Less Than $14K, Campaign Manager Quits

Art Haney, Jack Ciattarelli, Debbie Walker and Alex Robotin. photo via the Haney, Robotin and Walker facebook page

With three weeks to go before the June 6 primary, the campaign to unseat Senator Sam Thompson, Assemblyman Rob Dancer and Assemblyman Rob Clifton as the Republican nominees in the 12th Legislative District appears to be on life support.

Art Haney, the Chairman of the Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority, Old Bridge Councilwoman Debbie Walker and former Chesterfield Councilman Alex Robotin swore to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) that they will be spending less that $14,000 on their joint campaign.  Haney is the Senate candidate challenging Thompson. Walker and Robotin are on the ballot against Dancer and Clifton.

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Old Bridge Republicans Release Their “Framework for Change-Putting Old Bridge Back on the Right Track”

GOP lays out a comprehensive plan for economic revival and long-term growth

Old Bridge, NJ: Recognizing that the residents of Old Bridge are tired of the Democrats one-shot revenue raising schemes, Township land-sales and raiding OBMUA surpluses to plug self-inflicted budget gaps, the 2011 Republican team of Owen Henry, Brian Cahill, Eleanor “Debbie” Walker and Dr. Jim Anderson have assembled the following comprehensive 6-point plan to revitalize Old Bridge’s stagnant economy and restore integrity to the Township Council. Members of the public and press can find and download a copy of this plan at http://www.oldbridgerepublicans.com/framework-for-change/.  
A Framework for Change – Putting Old Bridge Back on the Right Track
Old Bridge is Open for Business 
  • Demonstrate to the Business community that Old Bridge is a Business Friendly town
  • Create sustainable additional Revenue – Create jobs
  • Partner with State of New Jersey’s Economic Development Team
Complete Review of all Vendor Contract
  • Review and re-bidding of all contracts to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Additional review process to ensure fairness and least-cost
  • Township Administrative Efficiency
  • Complete review of Township Departments to eliminate redundancy and improve costs
  • Top to bottom analysis of Expenses
  • Complete Review of HR Policies and procedures
Fiscal Responsibility
  • Produce structurally balanced budgets
  • No more one shot Revenue Schemes
  • No more land sales to balance budgets
  • No more raiding the OBMUA’s reserve
Due Diligence
  • Immediately Repeal the newly enacted Lifetime Healthcare ordinance
  • Ensure Township employees have the tools they need to meet the needs of the Residents
  • Explore and invest in technology
  • Energy Audit to improve costs
  • Shared Service agreements with neighboring towns
Resident/Employee Outreach
  • Quarterly Resident Forums
  • Improved communication via Website, Social Media & in Emergencies
  • Mayor will be completely accessible to residents
  • Town Hall & employee forums with the Mayor
  • Open government – Restructure of Town Council meetings – Two Meetings per month

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