Hit and Run Driver Arrested

Toni Marletta photo via facebook

Toni Marletta
photo via facebook

Middletown Police have charged Toni Ann Marletta, 49 of the Leonardo section of the Township, in the hit and run motor vehicle crash that resulted in the death in Marissa Procopia, 15 of Atlantic Highlands.

Marletta was charged with Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident, Failing to Report a Motor Vehicle Accident, No Insurance, Unsafe Tires and Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident. She is being held on $150,000.00 bail with no 10% option set by Judge Honora O’Brien-Kilgallen of the Monmouth County Superior Court.

Marletta is not listed yet as an inmate on the Monmouth County Sheriff’s website, as of 1 p.m.

Charles Webster, spokesperson for the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, told MMM that Marletta was being held in Middletown where she was unable to post bail.  Webster said she in custody and being transported to the Monmouth County Correctional Institution.

Cynthia Scott, spokesperson for the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office, told MMM that Marletta was booked into the Correctional Institution at about 1:30 p.m.

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Hanlon Discovers 35,000 Naturalization Records

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon recently made an amazing discovery. While settling into her new job and familiarizing herself with the various functions of her office, Hanlon discovered the naturalization records of 34,677 Monmouth County residents who applied for United States citizenship between 1800 and 1991.

Until 1991 when the the responsibility of granting citizenship was transferred solely to the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service, the recording and filing of records from naturalized citizens was the responsibility of the County Clerk.

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Phoenix Feeley Released on Good Time Credit

freely10n-1-webTopless advocate Phoenix Feeley was released from the Monmouth County Correctional Institution, on good time credit, this morning at 9am, according to Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Cynthia Scott.

At no time during her incarceration was Feeley’s health in danger.  Despite her hunger strike, she was constantly monitored by the jail’s medical staff.  At all times her vital signs were good.

Bill Spadea’s Chasing Jersey reported last night that Feeley is willing to die in Monmouth County Jail for women’s right to go topless wherever men do.

New Jersey’s Home | WWORTV | My9

That was never going to happen.  A source in the Sheriff’s Office told MMM that if Feeley’s health was ever endangered, a Court Order would have been sought to force feed her intravenously.

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Two Women Show Up At GoTopless Protest

IMG_0789Two women, one from Mercer County and one from Ocean County, showed up at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution this morning to protest hunger striking Phoenix Feeley’s incarceration and anti-toplessness laws.   They kept their tops on.

Sue Vliet, of Toms River, identified herself as an admin of One Million Vaginas, a feminist organization dedicated to empowering women to take their vagina’s back from invasive conservative politicians, was one of the two protestors.  Her sign said, “STOP THE DOUBLE STANDARD. FREE OUR BREASTS.” Vliet said she was protesting the “double standard and draconian laws” that allow men that to bare their chests in public, but not women.

IMG_0790Judith Sherwood of Mercer County read a letter from GoTopless.org in support of Feeley. You can hear that letter by viewing the video below.

Sherwood said she wasn’t raising money to pay Feeley’s $816 fine, which would end the incarceration, as a matter of principle.  Sherwood and Vliet both said they were not protesting topless and risking arrest themselves, because their protest was not about going topless.

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