H.R. 1 weakens safeguards against fraud in election law

Congressman Chris Smith

 Excerpts of remarks by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ)

                                          In the House of Representatives—March 3, 2021

Mr. Speaker, the precious right to vote in free and fair elections at all levels in the United States will be seriously jeopardized if H.R. 1 becomes law.

Under an egregiously false façade of reform, the legislation consolidates and conveys new sweeping powers to regulate elections to bureaucrats in the federal government and nullifies all existing state laws requiring valid identification before either registering to vote or casting a ballot. 

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Messenger Ballots: More Proof That Voter ID Laws Are Needed

Tommy DeSenoBy Tommy DeSeno

What’s a “messenger ballot?”  Excuse me if my answer is a bit sketchy, but I’m just learning about it from a group of bad guys who appear to be illegally exploiting it.

I don’t know if other states are doing this, the history of it, the need for it, etc., but here in New Jersey we are learning the perils of not having people show up to vote in person and present identification.

Apparently a “messenger ballot” is allowed when one person acts as a “messenger” for a voter, picks up forms for the voter to be allowed to vote by messenger, then votes for the voter by absentee ballot.

Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

Does the phrase “penchant for fraud” even cross the minds of legislatures when passing such a statute? Or, in a Democrat-controlled legislature like New Jersey, is fraud the goal?

Goal or not, it certainly seems to be the result in Asbury Park, a city poorer than most and more liberal than San Francisco (with a fraction of the feigned sophistication).

Residents of Asbury Park vote for their entire governing body (5 people) all at once, in an off year and in May — when no one is paying attention.

There are 22 people running this year – four “tickets” of 5 people and 2 independents.

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Report of Voter Fraud in Monmouth County Early Voting

Jamey and Norman Seldin tell MMM that they witnessed voter fraud in Freehold yesterday while voting early.

From Jamey via facebook:

Art, thought you would be interested in this.  Norm & I went to Freehold to vote early today.  Got there, filled out paperwork and were given a ballot.  Never asked for an ID or anything!  We were in the room voting and an “election aide” asked a woman if she needed help filling out the ballot and she said no, “I am voting for my daughter who is out of town.”  AND THEY LET HER VOTE!!!!!

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno reported this morning that over 4,000 Monmouth County voters made the trip to Freehold this weekend to vote early.   I wonder how many of them were voting for friends or family.

Jamey Seldin in the owner of Seldin’s Trinket’s, the best jewelery store in Red Bank.  Norm is The Original Stormin Norman, the legendary pianist, singer, songwriter and composer.

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