Project Veritas: Leftist domestic terrorists are planning on disrupting Inaugural celebrations

Project Veritas, the investigative journalism organization founded by James O’Keefe, released a video today that revealing that alt-left domestic terrorists are planning to disrupt Inaugural celebrations in Washington later this week by releasing butyric acid into the HVAC systems of celebration venues and/or by rigging the venues’ fire sprinkler systems to go off during the parties.

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James O’Keefe Exposes Hypocrisy Of Piers Morgan and Tribeca Films On Guns

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released a new investigative video yesterday designed to expose the hypocrisy of CNN’s Piers Morgan and the employees of Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Studios on the issue of guns.

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Democratic Operatives Caught Encouraging Voter Fraud

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas has it again.

The group that exposed corruption at ACORN, NPR, NJEA and SEIU has recorded employees of the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America, the community organizing arm of the Obama campaign encouraging people to vote twice and helping them to do so in the upcoming presidential election.

Think voter fraud is not a problem in New Jersey?  Watch the video until the end.  A New Jersey Democrat in front of a Bob Menendez sign recognizes O’Keefe from the ACORN video sting. Its pretty funny.

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Project Veritas Video Exposes SEIU Leader Claiming That Menendez Would Blindly Fund Make Work Jobs

James O’Keefe, the independent journalist and president of Project Veritas who has exposed corruption and malfeasance at ACORN, NPR, the NJEA and Planned Parenthood , released the second video in a series that exposes corruption at SEIU yesterday.

O’Keefe secretly records his meeting with SEIU leaders as he is ostensibly seeking government funding for his project of digging ditches and refilling them.

SEIU Local 617 President Rahaman Muhammad is caught on camera exclaiming that U.S. Senator Bob Menendez would be enthusiastic about the project.

“Menendez is going to be like, ‘Oh for real? SEIU, Oh, good, great!” Muhammad says at the 1:53 mark of the video.

Menendez is not the only politician the union officials discuss.  The other is Newark Mayor Cory Booker who fares better, or worse if you believe in wasteful government spending.   Booker is not a supporter of the working class, in the assessment of the SEIU officials recorded.


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“I’ll be back faster than you can say furious”

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has done it again.

The group that exposed corruption at ACORN and Planned Parenthood has exposed how ludicrous it is that the Obama administration is squashing state Voter ID laws .

Watch a Project Veritas volunteer being offered U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s ballot to vote in the DC presidential primary.

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James O’Keefe: “I wish the Tea Party Hadn’t Told The Press That I Didn’t Want The Event Videoed”

By Art Gallagher

James O’Keefe is blaming the Bayshore Tea Party for the BPR (bad public relations) he’s suffering from as a result of his demanding that the Asbury Park Press’s  videographer not record his presentation to the group’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration on Thursday evening.

O’Keefe told MoreMonmouthMusings, “I wish the Tea Party hadn’t told the press that I didn’t want the event videoed,” before saying that he was on another line and promising to call back.  He hasn’t called back.

The rambunctious gumshoe didn’t leave Charles Measley and Barbara Gonzalez, the BTPG members who appeared on the APP.com video, much choice.  No one knew O’Keefe didn’t wanted the event recorded until he failed to take the podium after an inspirational introduction by BTPG Chairman Bob Gordon and an enthusiastic standing ovation.   He was hiding in the mens room and had be coaxed to make his presentation with the press present. 

It was only after Measley promised to get the videographer out of the room that O’Keefe emerged from the commode to address the admiring crowd.  There were reporters in the room. O’Keefe’s delay required an explanation.  The videographer was in the room when O’Keefe started.  Measley and Gonzalez handled the situation well.   Steve Grossman, the former Hazlet GOP Chairman who is heard off camera arguing with Gonzalez, handled himself just as those of us who know and love him have come to expect.

For someone who has demonstrated that he is quick on his feet, O’Keefe handled this one very poorly.  He gave the media, who he is a ferocious critic of, a story to discredit him where there wasn’t one.

O’Keefe knew that reporters and photographers were in the room during his presentation.  At one point while showing a video clip of a Star Ledger interview of one of the teachers exposed in his Teacher Gone Wild video, O’Keefe asked, “Are there any Star Ledger reporters in the room?”  Seeing none, he showed the clip that made the point that the mainstream media is out to protect those he is exposing and to discredit him.

Unfortunately, James gave his detractors in the mainstream media the ammunition to embarrass him this time.  There was no upside to banning the videographer.  There was plently in the presentation that had already made national news, but nothing that would have made a new national story.  Only O’Keefe knows if he altered his presentation because reporters were present.  Had he allowed the presentation to be videoed, APP.com might not even have posted the video.

APP reporter Alesha Boyd William’s initial story on O’Keefe’s presentation was excellent.  A fair and accurate report on what happened.  The story was featured prominently at APP.com on Friday morning and was front page above the fold in the Friday print edition.  I’d link you to the story, but it appears to be gone from the APP site, replaced by the far juicer “gotcha” story, that is now national news.

James O’Keefe is doing important work.  He is right when he says that the mainstream media no longer does investigative journalism and that their news coverage has devolved to “punditry, stenography and promotion.”

O’Keefe has the potential to become a long term major journalistic figure and make a real difference.  However, he needs to step up his game in handling the inevitable blow back from his work.  He needs to stop blaming others for his own missteps.  Otherwise he’ll be a flash in the pan.

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O’Keefe Headlines Bayshore Tea Party Event

By Art Gallagher

Keyport, March 17 – James O’Keefe, the 26 year old citizen journalist/filmmaker who has exposed taxpayer funded atrocities at ACORN, Planned Parenthood, the NJEA and most recently NPR spoke before approximately 100 members and friends of the Bayshore Tea Party Group this evening at the Ye Cottage Inn in Keyport.  Among the guests were State Senator Mike Doherty, R-23, and 13th district Assembly members Amy Handlin and Sam Thompson.

O’Keefe explained that is work is funded by grassroots donations to his Project Veritas, a 501-C3 (pending), whose mission is to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society. 

O’Keefe said he work is possible and necessary because the mainstream media no longer performs investigative journalism. “Mainstream journalism has devolved into punditry, stenography and promotion,” he said.

O’Keefe summarized his body of work with a video presentation that started with Jon Stewart’s coverage of the ACORN expose’ and concluded with clips of a hilarious video he produced while a student at Rutgers wherein he complained to a Dean that Rutgers serving Lucky Charms in their dining hall was denigrating to Irish Americans.

O’Keefe said that Rutgers banned Lucky Charms from their dining halls as a result of his meeting and later got the joke and started serving the breakfast cereal again.

In between Stewart and Lucky Charms, O’Keefe’s presentation showed his work exposing Planned Parenthood, the NJEA and various media pieces wherein mainstream media outlets ignored his stories and/or attempted to discredit him as he explained to the group the methodology of his stings and the reasoning for the staggered release of his videos.

The first annual Bayshore Tea Party Group St Patrick’s Day Celebration raised funds for the organization’s education and grassroots activism efforts.  The event was sponsored by Senator Joe Kyrillos, 11th district legislators Senator Sean Kean and Assembly members Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini, Doherty, Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue, Fastrack Oil and Lube, Diane Gooch’s Strong New Jersey, Todd Christie, Ken and Ann Kievit, Anna Little and Sean Spinello.

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James O’Keefe III to Headline Bayshore Tea Party Group’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Fresh off the resignation of NPR top executives, O’Keefe to give a behind the scenes peek.

Middletown, NJ—The Bayshore Tea Party Group is proud to announce its first annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, this Thursday, March 17th, 2011 at Ye Cottage Inn in Keyport, NJ. James O’Keefe, the Jersey boy who blew the lid off of the corrupt ACORN racket, will headline the event on the water in Keyport.


O’Keefe most recently exposed National Public Radio (NPR) executinves meeting with prospective donors that may have violated federal law. The tirade O’Keefe caught on film resulted in the resignation of NPR’s President Vivian Schiller.


Prior to the rampage, NPR Foundation President Ron Schiller made it clear to the Country that NPR would be better off without federal funding. Suffice to say, we agree.




Who:     James O’Keefe, III headlines at the Bayshore Tea Party Group

What:   1st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Where: Ye Cottage Inn, 149 West Front Street, Keyport, NJ 07735

When: Thursday, March 17th, 2011

                7-9 PM

How:     $50 at the door / $1000 event sponsorship

Noted in Politico as one of the most “prominent” tea party groups in the State of New Jersey and the Country, the Bayshore Tea Party Group is an all-volunteer organization working tirelessly in Monmouth County and New Jersey to implement Constitutional and Conservative policies throughout New Jersey through a variety of channels.




For more information on the Bayshore Tea Party Group, please visit the website at www.bayshoreteaparty.org or find us on the web elsewhere:





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James O’Keefe Strikes Again

By Art Gallagher

James O’Keefe, the citizen journalist well known for his undercover videos exposing inappropriate and criminal activity at ACORN and the NJEA has struck again.  This time National Public Radio was his target.

In the video released today NPR Senior Executive Ron Schiller and fundraiser Besty Liley meet with two O’Keefe associates posing as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group who are considering a $5 million donation to NPR.

Throughout the video, Schiller bashes Republicans and the Tea Party, calling them racist and xenophobic.  He says that liberals are more intelligent and informed than conservatives.

Schiller says that NPR would be better off without federal funding.  I say let’s be informed by his intelligence and cut the funding off.

O’Keefe will be the guest speaker at the Bayshore Tea Party’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration on Thursday March 17th from 7PM -9PM at Ye Cottage Inn in Keyport.  No word on whether green tea and/or green tea will be served.


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Gifts For Trenton Dems, Rivera-Soto and The NJEA

By Art Gallagher

Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce simultaneously played the roles of Scrooge and Santa Claus this week.

With his inartful comments about people receiving unemployment benefits, and his equally ignoble apology wherein he tried to deflect the attention to the dual office holding of the Legislature’s Democratic leadership and accused Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver of playing the race card in her criticism of his remarks, DeCroce appeared as Scrooge to “these people” on the unemployment dole and Santa to the Trenton Democrats, Supreme Court Justice Rivera-Soto and the NJEA.

While the Legislature should be focused on reforming civil service and COAH before the 2 % property tax increase cap takes effect on January 1, the leadership was engaged in what Governor Christie called a “food fight” over DeCroce’s gaffes.

Rather than drawing attention to dual office holding and Oliver’s willingness to play the race card, DeCroce deflected media attention away from the controversy over Rivera-Soto’s unwillingness to participate in State Supreme Court decisions so long as a temporary justice is sitting on the court.  The NJEA was really let off the hook by DeCroce’s remarks as the main stream media apparently completely missed the explosive videosreleased by citizen journalist James O’Keefe that expose union leaders promising to protect teachers who engage in sexual behavior with students.

The gift that DeCroce gave the Democrats may well keep giving throughout 2011 when the entire legislature will be on the November ballot.  

If the Legislative Redistricting Commission draws an equitable map New Jersey should have the first competitive legislative elections in 12 years. For most of the last decade New Jersey cast more Republican votes than Democratic votes for legislators, yet Democrats have dominated the Senate and the Assembly due to gerrymandering of the districts.  A new district map is due this coming winter.

If the coming election appears to be competitive and if DeCroce is effectively running for Assembly Speaker, count on the New Jersey Democratic machine running against DeCroce in much the same way the GOP ran against Nancy Pelosi in the recent national election.

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