Gallagher on Power and Politics this weekend

Luke Margolis, Art Gallagher and Jay Lassiter on the News12 set

Luke Margolis, Art Gallagher and Jay Lassiter on the News12 set

Your favorite blogger appears on News12’s Power and Politics with Luke Margolis this weekend opposite the indefatigable Democratic activist Jay Lassiter.

Our topic was Congressman Chris Smith’s commitment to human rights and his controversial comments regarding LGBT rights vs human rights last month.

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We need to re-discover our humanity

380689_4231019573475_1570043336_nBy Selika Josiah Gore

2012 had moments that confirmed my faith in fellow man, and provided encouragement and inspiration to millions. 2012 also had moments that defied logic and decimated entire communities.

In looking forward to 2013 it cannot just be about momentary acts of kindness that make us feel better.

Instead we need to re-discover our humanity.

Many of us are active in our state and national organizations. But what of our neighbors?

Are we more likely to gossip about the pretty girl moving ahead on the corporate ladder instead of reaching out to the old couple up the street? Is it easier to brag about the check we have written for a charity then bring home groceries for the mother with her infants at home around the block?

This is no indictment on my fellowman, nor by any stretch is it meant to imply that I am without reproach.  What it is meant to do is to call attention to our humanity.

If we specify a certain number of acts of kindness does that mean that our humanity has a limit?

Instead of getting caught up in the latest fad of giving how about we all, including myself,determine (meaning to decide authoritatively) to have humanity begin at home.

This is no Pollyanna wish.  It is what separates us from the animals and brings us closer to God.  How many times a day do you pass the same bus driver, cafeteria worker, parking attendant, desk security, mailman etc., without not knowing their name or even saying hello.  The more people that care about us, the more opportunities for a lifeline when things go bad.  We cannot legislate away crazy and the reality is only the Lord will provide world peace.  But each of us in this New Year called 2013 can add humanity to the world around us.

Happy New Year and God’s Blessings for a Healthy and Prosperous One.

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