Monmouth County Remains Red

With 87% of the mail-in ballots counted, Monmouth County is one of only 7 New Jersey Counties that voted Republican in 2020.

Early returns in the unprecedented paper ballot election indicated that Democrats had scored an upset in the County that reliably votes Republican despite a registration advantage for Democrats. On Election Night, former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Cory Booker and the Democrat Freeholder candidates were leading the paper ballot count. Congressman Chris Smith and County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon were the only Republicans leading above the municipal level.

By Saturday afternoon, Trump has overtaken Biden, albeit by less that 1%, 2521 votes, and Republican Rik Mehta is leading Booker by 10,021 votes, 3%, and Freeholder candidates Lillian Burry and Ross Licitra are leading with 54% of the votes cast.

Republicans who were losing in municipal races on Tuesday night in Sea Bright and Little Silver and now comfortably ahead. Races in swing towns Eatontown, Keyport and Neptune City have narrowed and appear to be headed to elected spit partisan municipal office holders.

In Howell, where voters have split their ballots between Democrats and Republicans since 2016, Republicans are hoping for another split vote to retain control. Democrat Mayor Theresa Berger is likely to be reelected. Berger is leading Republican Suzanne Brennan by 2,360 votes, 8.55%. In the Council race, Republican Deputy Mayor Evelyn O’Donnell is behind Democrat Andre de Garmeaux by only 153 votes, .56%.

The Board of Elections is expected to complete counting the mailed paper ballots on Monday and start counting the votes cast on Election Day. Votes have been counted in the order in which they were received. Late votes are believed to favor Republican candidates.

Countywide, there are almost 49,000 ballots still to count.

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