Trump fundraising in Deal, NJ on Sunday

President Donald J. Trump is scheduled to attend a high dollar fund raiser in Monmouth County on Sunday, August 9, according to a report in Yeshiva World News. (h/t app.com)

The event is being held at the Deal home of the late Stanley Chera Z”L, a close friend of President Trump who passed away from COVID-19 in April.

The price of admission is $5,600 for a reception, $35,000 for two tickets to the reception and a photo with the President and $250,000 for a round table with the President, the reception and photos.

I wasn’t invited but I did get an invitation to join the Trump VIP Club from Kimberly Guilfoyle.


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One Comment on “Trump fundraising in Deal, NJ on Sunday”

  1. Sign me up. said at 11:33 am on August 3rd, 2020:

    Soon as I check these lottery tickets. It’s a shame we’re so blue here, he really loves NJ, invested and lost lots of money here, previously, and he does have strong supporters here, but certainly not enough.