Pallone Adopts Nixon’s Campaign Slogan

Congressman Frank Pallone is using the same reelection slogan that President Richard M. Nixon used in 1972.

According the the Washington Post, Republican Pollster Robert Teeter recommended the slogan to the Nixon campaign after conducting two focus groups in Detroit.

“In general, the groups responded well to the slogan, Now more than ever, ” Teeter wrote in a June 20, 1972 memo to H.R. Haldeman. “Every person in the group seemed to be able to give the statement some personal meaning. The slogan did clearly communicate its r.&.::ssac;e. It is important to note that the participants generally ranked the slogan between the other alternatives studied. Our earlier study showed that “Now more than ever.” ranked behind the staten:ent, “Help him finish the job.” Comparatively, however, the slo~an under consideration expressed ll:ore urgency and emotional appeal and also clearly embodied the concept of “finish the job.” If other ideas which convey the unfinished job are merged l-Tith “~ow more than ever,” the result should be a pm:-terful communication device. To answer the original question raised, we see no reason to reject the slogan as not being understandable and too sophisticated .”

Pallone’s campaign has not yet responded to a phone call and email asking how they settled on the slogan.

It is also not clear if Pallone will commission a jingle to go with the slogan.

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3 Comments on “Pallone Adopts Nixon’s Campaign Slogan”

  1. I mean said at 9:23 am on June 25th, 2020:

    it worked out ok for TD back in 72.

  2. IdaKnows said at 9:51 am on June 25th, 2020:

    I dunno. …
    I think ol’ Frankie would be better off with,
    “I Am Not a Crook!”.

    … just sayin.

  3. Bob English said at 10:41 am on June 25th, 2020:

    What about “Law and Order”…..made famous by George Wallace and now Trump