Middletown Officer Charged With Falsifying Accident Report

Officer Thomas Foster, center, in a 2016 photo. Photo via Middletown PD facebook page

Middletown Police Officer Thomas E. Foster, 33, was charged with fourth degree falsifying records, according to an announcement this morning by Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni.

Foster, who has been on the Middletown Police force since August 18, 2014, has been suspended without pay, according to an announcement by the Middletown Police Department.

Only July 3, 2019, Foster filed a Police Vehicle Accident and Damage report claiming he “contacted a telephone pole” while reversing out of a parking spot near a road repair job he was working near his Cedar Ave home.

It was later discovered that Foster was involved in a motor vehicle accident where he backed the police cruiser into a parked pickup truck on Cedar Avenue, causing damage to both vehicles.

“Mr. Foster’s attempt to deceive his department by filing a false report violated the special trust afforded to him by his fellow officers and the public he serves.  Especially now, the public should be reassured that our law enforcement officers are doing everything possible to uphold and enforce the law, not break it.  This officer’s criminal behavior is not reflective of his department or the County law enforcement community,” Gramiccioni said. 

“Dishonesty will never be tolerated within our Department by any of our officers.  The alleged conduct is unacceptable and does not reflect the values of our agency and we strongly condemn the officer’s actions.  We firmly believe that trust and integrity are the cornerstone of policing and the steps taken by this agency underscore the commitment of the Middletown Police Department to hold our police officers and one another to the highest professional and ethical standards,” stated Chief R. Craig Weber of the Middletown Township Police.

If convicted of Falsifying Records, Foster faces up to 18 months in state prison.

Gramiccioni’s Office has prosecuted 26 law enforcement officers since 2012, according to his announcement.

Citizens may report concerns of police corruption via the Corruption Tip Line that Gramiccioni established in 2012: Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Corruption Tip Line – 855-7-UNJUST (855 786-5878); or E-mail at: [email protected]and write “Corruption/Misconduct Tip” in the subject line.

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5 Comments on “Middletown Officer Charged With Falsifying Accident Report”

  1. Me said at 4:50 pm on June 17th, 2020:

    Where is the standard statement the “All defendants are considered innocent until convicted” that every filthy murderer gets?

    Was there a press release when the prosecutor turned a blind eye to the financial misconduct of the drug task force? How about any of their other misconduct? I’d be happy to name them if Gramiccione cares…

  2. No said at 7:26 pm on June 17th, 2020:

    There wasn’t, so it never happened. Do better with your venting.

  3. Me said at 7:36 am on June 18th, 2020:

    He No, nice try at revisionist history.

  4. Why said at 2:55 pm on June 18th, 2020:

    tease about the alleged misconduct? Fire away, we are all eagerly awaiting….

  5. What a shock said at 7:39 am on June 19th, 2020:

    you got zip. Kick rocks asshat.