Middletown’s Crime Rate Declines For 7th Consecutive Year

Crime in Middletown is down for the seventh year in a row, as measured by the FBI’s index crime rate, according to an announcement my Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger, PhD and Police Chief Craig Webber.

Index crimes are the eight crimes the FBI combines to produce its annual crime index. These offenses include willful homicide, forcible rape, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, larceny over $50, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

Index crimes in Middletown are down 13 percent over last year and 48 percent compared to 2010.

“It’s no accident Middletown’s crime rate continues to trend downward,” said Mayor Scharfenberger. “Our officers work hard to maintain a strong, positive relationship with the community. Our crime rate continues to be one of the lowest in the nation thanks to their dedication to keeping the community safe.”

“Our goal is to keep Middletown as safe as possible. We have a very dedicated and professional force and I’m proud of the department and what we have been able to accomplish,” Chief Weber said. “We also enjoy a very good relationship with the community which contributes to our success.”

There were 453 index crimes in Middletown in 2016 which equates to an index crime rate of 6.81 per 1,000 people. In 2015 there were 522 index crimes with a rate of 7.85. In 2010 there were 873 index crimes and the rate was 13.23.

Violent crimes – murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault – have decreased 63 percent from 42 in 2010 to 16 in 2016. Burglary has declined 59 percent from 151 in 2010 to 62 in 2016; larceny is down 45 percent from 656 in 2010 to 364 in 2016; auto theft declined by 57 percent from 23 in 2010 to 10 in 2016.




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