COVID-19 layoffs are coming for N.J. teachers. How bad will it get?

The coronavirus pandemic has already upended teachers’ lives, banishing them from their classrooms to teach students from home.

Now, as a grueling school year nears its end, some New Jersey teachers are receiving a cruel reward: A pink slip, courtesy of the crushing economic weight of the crisis.

Facing a Friday deadline to notify those teachers who won’t be brought back next year, many districts have already told non-tenured educators they won’t be offered a contract for the fall until schools know just how badly their finances will be hurt by COVID-19, said Richard Bozza, executive director of t…

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One Comment on “COVID-19 layoffs are coming for N.J. teachers. How bad will it get?”

  1. Bob English said at 1:27 pm on May 15th, 2020:

    Would just add that many districts facing massive yearly cuts in state aid under S-2 already had those cuts factored into their budgets which were passed over a month ago.