Video: O’Scanlon discusses his position on the vaccine bill

In the face of passionate opposition and push back, Senator Declan O’Scanlon issued the following statement regarding the controversial legislation that alters the religious exemption for mandatory vaccines.

The original bill, which removed the religious exemption was pulled from the legislative docket by Senator Steve Sweeney last month because it was one vote short of passing. On Thursday, the bill was amended to allow private schools and daycare centers to admit unvaccinated children, in order to win O’Scanlon’s vote.

The bill is scheduled for a vote in the Senate on Monday, the last day of the “lame duck” session of the legislature.  The amended bill will also have to pass the Assembly, where it has already passed, 45-25 with 6 abstentions,  in it original form.

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7 Comments on “Video: O’Scanlon discusses his position on the vaccine bill”

  1. Barbara Gonzalez said at 11:05 pm on January 12th, 2020:

    I do not (gladly) live in NJ anymore and I do not (gladly) have young children anymore. Children of Americans are NOT yours, Declan, to make such a decision. I would NEVER inject my child because the law says I must. This is WRONG.

  2. Barb, for a friend said at 11:27 pm on January 12th, 2020:

    Copied from and for a friend:

    I see no need for formalities in greetings since we apparently have become very intimate. I had no way of knowing my vote would have such a personal impact. I voted you in to office foolishly thinking you would uphold the rights and freedoms of all American citizens in your district not realizing you apparently thought I was voting to be enslaved. You truly should have informed us during your campaign you were seeking the roll of a Master and not that of a Republican Senator.
    That being said… Where have you been? I don’t recall you being there during my high risk pregnancy… You know back when under the “law” I had a choice. I made my choice.. My choice was to take the risk and go to term and delivering what I hoped and prayed would be a healthy happy baby. During those months I don’t recall you being there. My Doctors were there. They advised me of risks and told me I should think about it. Which I did. I thought long and hard. Many ups and downs came with my decision and I still don’t recall you ever being there. God knows I could have used a hand and more support. Where were you?
    MY child was due in August however as you must know (I mean you most certainly are aware right?) I was lucky to make it to June. That was a stressful time – Do you remember? I don’t recall you being there. Anyway as you know hopes and prayers came true. A happy healthy tiny two month preemie came in to the world. We all celebrated. I still don’t recall you being there.
    That healthy happy tiny preemie was so strong we were discharge! Do you remember? Much had changed over the many years that had past since having my last child.
    See prior my family had vaccine issues. I hadn’t needed a pediatrician in a long time I had no idea what I was in for. The pediatrician assigned didn’t seem to care about my concerns and issues. Thank God there are freedoms and rights here in America (or at least there use to be). I left that office and sought out another provider. I sought out someone who would actually review issues and concerns. I obviously don’t need to inform you the outcome or how things were resolved since well.. You apparently are fully aware. I mean you must be because you are making all the choices now. You have been blessed in being the one in charge of mandates for all of God’s children in NJ. You must be wiser then all the Doctors treating their patients. My how God must have blessed you.
    Well Declan I raised the child God gave me and protected that child all this time now my question to you is – Where did I go so wrong in your eyes that you feel the need to take away rights and freedoms from those who have done a great job. I can tell you where I believe I went wrong. I voted for you!
    Declan – YOU are NOT a God or a Master! You are a Republican Senator and you should never get that twisted. You were elected to protect the rights and freedoms of ALL Americans in your district. You are disgracing the Republican party that stands up against mob rule and injustice. Perhaps you have forgotten we are the party of EQUALITY! We fight to keep rights and freedoms. I would have NEVER backed you and supported you if I knew you thought you were above all others. I didn’t elect a God – I have a God… I elected a Senator to work in the best interest of all Americans and protect our rights and freedoms. Supporting this bill is a huge mistake on your part – My huge mistake was supporting and trusting you. I can fix mine by not doing it again – You however can not fix yours if you vote yes.
    You keep trying to explain yourself. There is nothing to explain. You decided to strip away the rights and freedoms of parents and their children. Your decision takes away the decision of others. Hope you are willing to accept that responsibility. You are aware your decision exposes many to risks right? So much so that pharma companies are excused from liability. Do you know who excused them from that? Corrupt politicians like yourself who believe they are more powerful then God.
    Well Declan maybe you can forward me your information and start contributing to the child you are making decisions for – With choices comes responsibility right? Apparently you feel many are not capable of making choices so since we didn’t vote in a “Master” you should start contributing your fair share in support. I shouldn’t be the only one who has to take a risk by you making a choice. Have you ever had to care for a child during an adverse reaction? I have had to do that too. Hope you are up for all this.

  3. Painful, am sure.. Am looking forward said at 5:47 pm on January 13th, 2020:

    to seeing if he would also do a video explaining how he’d have voted on legalizing pot, before the bunch of them chickened out and left it up to the (dope-y) voters, this year…

  4. I mean said at 11:38 pm on January 13th, 2020:

    you shouldn’t really be allowed to vote considering you think fascism is a synonym for socialism. God Bless America.

  5. Since said at 10:15 am on January 14th, 2020:

    the total motivating factor for pot legalization is legislative greed for even more tax monies, with no plans or thought to all the implications on our state, they should put their own names publicly on the line, and vote as OUR ELECTED representatives. Then we the people will know how to vote, next time. That is NOT fascist: stop throwing that tired word around.( it’s right up there with racist, homophobic, sexist, blah blah-all the same childish name-calling most are sick of, just because we have an opinion!)

  6. @ Since said at 3:14 pm on January 14th, 2020:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. All “isms” are a creation of the Lib media. Racism in particular has been a non issue since the late 60s. We’ve tried to make it work with this system and we’re past that point, we need this POTUS for the rest of his life.

  7. Things Like This said at 8:40 am on January 15th, 2020:

    Are why Declan totally lost me. Just like with his gas tax vote. Not that I matter but Declan needs a primary opponent.

    I understand he congratulated those protesting this in Trenton? Good, they should be congratulated.