Statement by Mayor Jim Daly Regarding the Recent Tragedy in the Borough of Farmingdale

Farmingdale Mayor Jim Daly

The Mayor and Council of Farmingdale want to first express our deepest sympathies to the families involved in the tragedy which occurred Friday night.  Please keep the families in your prayers, while respecting their privacy in this time of grieving.

Also remember to keep in your prayers the men and women who serve our country, who come home needing our love, support and help. This type of tragedy is unfortunately becoming more common to all of us, they deserve our support for what they do for us.

Please remember as well our domestic public servants we rely on locally every day to keep us safe, who have to make difficult decisions based on the training they receive, and trust that they will make that decision to the best of their ability.
I also want to express our appreciation to all of the officers who responded both at the local level at Howell PD as well as the State Police. But particularly the one who did what he had to, in order to protect his life as well as others. It’s a difficult decision which that officer had to make, and we wish them all the best In this time of anguish.

We fully support the actions of the Howell Police, and their ability to react to the 911 call made from within the residence as quickly as they did, quite possibly saving others lives. Although we are covered by the NJ State Police as our official police coverage, who do a great job, the professionals at the Howell PD, from it’s dispatch team to it’s patrolmen and women led by Chief Kudrick have always been on the job in a mutual aid agreement to quickly step in to protect and serve when the Troopers are out of the area!. They are always there to help the borough in any way they can. Many times they don’t get the respect and praise for what they do for our little town, not that they expect it, but they do deserve it.

I can say as Mayor, I DO APPRECIATE EVERYTHING THEY DO FOR US! Howell has always been a supportive “big brother” to the Borough of Farmingdale, and it is appreciated!


Thank You!


If there is anything I can do to help the family, please don’t hesitate to reach out! My contact information is in the signature below and I am only right up the road from you, my door is open.


Remember Farmingdale, we are a community, and our neighbors are more than that, they are our friends and family.


Thank You,

Mayor James A. Daly

Borough of Farmingdale
11 Asbury Ave, Farmingdale  NJ 07727
God Bless the USA



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