Freeholders Table Sanctuary State Opposition

Democrat Freeholder Candidates Declare Their Support of Immigrants, Regardless of Legal Status

The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders tabled a resolution opposing New Jersey’s Sanctuary State status during their regular meeting yesterday in response to publicly expressed opposition from Democrat politicians and their supporters and an impassioned statement by Yeimi Hernandez on behalf of the Latino Coalition of New Jersey.

An article posted at InsiderNJ by freelance writer Liz deBeer, an instructor at Brookdale Community College and a Board Member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Monmouth County, states that the Freeholder’s meeting was packed to capacity and overflowed into the hall with citizens opposing the resolution. deBeer’s article features former Democrat congressional candidate Jim Keady opposing the resolution because it does not address comprehensive immigration reform.  Keady accused the all Republican Freeholder Board of pandering to the Republican base.

Democrat Freeholder candidates Moira Nelson and Michael Penna declared their support of illegal immigrants, according to deBeer’s article:

“We fully support our immigrant neighbors regardless of their status in this country and we support organizations that provide resources to help our new neighbors to become fully integrated and productive members of our community.  Every human deserves dignity, respect, and opportunity.  If we empower our new neighbors with knowledge and resources related to legal immigration, education, housing, health, employment, and safety, they are much more likely to fully contribute to our society and to thrive, and hopefully they will be on the path to legal citizenship.  Immigrants throughout Monmouth County are already fearful because of what’s happening at the federal level.  The inflammatory language in today’s resolution only contributes to that fear.  We hope that the Freeholders permanently table this resolution.  We encourage our Freeholders to focus on priorities directly impacting Monmouth County’s residents every day, such as affordability, rather than fueling an already divisive cultural conversation.”



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3 Comments on “Freeholders Table Sanctuary State Opposition”

  1. Principles said at 8:27 am on June 27th, 2019:

    Will the Democrat candidates support my rights to illegally enter the local bank and utilize it’s resources, send whatever resources I can grab back home?

    Hrm, I feel like, especially because I said “bank”, probably “yes”. Let me try again.

    Will the Democrat candidates support my rights to illegally enter my neighbor’s house and utilize their resources, send whatever resources of theirs I can grab and send them back home?

    Democrats, soft on crime, low on principles.

  2. And said at 10:21 pm on June 27th, 2019:

    very high on confiscation of the sweat of some people’s brows, to give to those who won’t produce, just for the votes of the permanent underclass they need, to stay in charge of our lives. Disgusting!

  3. Steve Adams said at 2:29 pm on July 5th, 2019:

    Sounds like the Freeholders “tabled their principles”. When someone does that, they are no longer “principles”, they are situational ethics used for pandering. I hope the truth is different, but haven’t heard an explanation yet.