Sex Offender Attempts To Revive Brandt’s Little Silver Campaign

A registered sex offender and his spouse recorded video of Little Silver Republican Chairman Stuart Van Winkle asking them if they had granted Rick Brandt permission to put campaign signs at their business.  They then spun the encounter as illegal harassment and posted the video on YouTube.  Brandt linked to the video in a lengthy press release on Thursday in which he depicts himself as a victim of “the dark underbelly” of Little Silver politics.

RedBankGreen depicted Will and Ingrid Garcia as “mom and pop” owners of a detail shop located at the overpriced Shell gas station across the street from the Little Silver train station.   A brief MMM investigation revealed that Will Garcia is a registered Tier 2 sex offender listed in both the New Jersey and Florida law enforcement databases.  He was convicted of sexual contact with two juvenile females.

Will Garcia might be in violation of his Megan’s Law probationary status which requires that he inform law enforcement of his residential address. The NJ State Police Sex Offender Registry reports a Park Avenue, Oakhurst address for Garcia. Red Bank Green reported the couple lives in Long Branch.  A public records search of Ingrid reveals a Long Branch Ave, Long Branch address.

The couple was not present at Expert Detail and Auto Repair and the doors were locked when MMM visited late Friday morning.

Neither William or Ingrid Garcia are registered to vote in Monmouth County.


Van Winkle told MMM that he has heard numerous complaints from residents that Brandt’s signs appeared on their property without permission.  One of those residents is a Superior Court Judge who is prohibited from engaging in political activity.

Another resident filed a criminal mischief complaint against Brandt for campaign related activity, according to police records obtained by MMM via an Open Public Records Request.

Little Silver Mayoral Candidates Bob Neff and Rick Brandt

Brandt, in his press release, alleges that over 200 of his campaign signs have been stolen of vandalized in just a few weeks.  As of May 22, the date MMM received the police records requested, there were no reports of stolen or vandalized campaign signs.

Brandt has been banned from the Little Silver School District’s properties while children are present.  Since 2015, his access to the Red Bank Regional High School property has been severely restricted, under a threat of prosecution.  He has been suspended from the Little Silver Fire Department and survived an expulsion motion by one vote. He has been removed from his positions on the Shade Tree Commission and the Recreation Committee.   He says he is the victim of cruelty, fake news and vicious social media attacks.

The Republican primary is on Tuesday, June 4th.  Brandt is challenging incumbent Mayor Bob Neff.  Council Members Don Galante and Corinne Thygeson are running with Neff and are unopposed.

The Little Silver Democrats have no candidates running in their primary.  Barring an Independent candidate filing to run by the deadline on Tuesday, the winner of the Republican race for mayor will likely be unopposed in the general election on November 5.

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17 Comments on “Sex Offender Attempts To Revive Brandt’s Little Silver Campaign”

  1. A concerned citizen said at 9:20 am on June 1st, 2019:


  2. wickets said at 12:18 pm on June 1st, 2019:

    both parties acted like total buffoons.

  3. They had better said at 12:37 pm on June 1st, 2019:

    get in line and support Mayor Neff or Underboss Galante will send some different individuals to their store for compliance.

  4. Nick West said at 6:15 pm on June 1st, 2019:

    I hope Little Silver is proud of destroying someone for something that happened 20 years ago.
    Lets revisit the $290k cost to the town by the Superintendent.
    Maybe google who was The Chief Investment Officer of an investment firm that lost $1.5 Billion dollars.
    Bad people should stop throwing stones.
    I’m pretty sure the incumbents have alerted the police to pull me over if I ever cast my shadow in this pitiful town

  5. Dem said at 6:31 pm on June 1st, 2019:

    I hope you didn’t mean the Rs and Ds when you said “both parties”. The Ds are looking good right now!!

  6. Nick west ????? said at 9:20 pm on June 1st, 2019:

    Nick west. He has multiple felony arrests and a recent DWI. He assualted 2 juveniles. Not something that should be forgotten because it was 20 years ago. The reason you have to register as a sex offender for life, is that the recidivism rate is quite high. Maybe if you think he’s so reformed you should let him babysit your kids. Or someone you care about. You’re disgusting.

  7. Nick loves juvenile sex offenders said at 10:43 pm on June 1st, 2019:

    Nick— Did this one hit too close to Home? are you a juvenile sex offender too?

  8. Nickwest said at 8:25 am on June 2nd, 2019:

    Why don’t you make that accusation to
    my face? You may want to retract that in the event I find you!
    Because you’re not man enough.
    Yes of course it’s a serious charge however if he were supporting the incumbents who are willing to destroy everyone and everything in their way.
    Why? Because he supported the candidate you don’t like!
    Now you people will try to smear me.
    Come out of the shadow of your computer and show us how brave you are.

  9. Big Brave Guy said at 8:28 am on June 2nd, 2019:

    I am pretty sure you don’t have the balls to say that to Nick in person!
    Brave little man behind a computer

  10. Timothy J. O’Reilly said at 9:14 am on June 2nd, 2019:

    I’m a resident of Little Silver residing on Parker Avenue. I had a “Rick Brandt for Mayor” Lawn Sign stolen from my property and requested Mr. Brandt to give several more to put on my lawn. I chose not to call the police in this instance and bother them with this issue.

    This article is a “Political Hit Job” being perpetrated by well seasoned lawyers such as Mr. Neff. This young man Mr. Rick Brandt, had the decency to introduce himself personally months ago to inform me and my family if his candidacy for Little Silver town Mayor. Mr. Brandt showed concern for what my personal expectations were regarding my family living in Little Silver.

    I’m a disable resident of Little Silver and I was pleasantly pleased to know that Mr. Brandt was a lifetime resident here in Little Silver, and that his concern for its residents young, disabled and elderly was genuine.

    I have seen this current mayoral campaign run by the Neff camp turn very negative and abusive toward Mr. Brandt and anyone willing to support Mr. Brandt. So I ask? What is Mr. Neff afraid of? All I see is Bullying with swamp like tactics representative of what goes on in Washington D.C., and at current in our democratically run NJ State Government! Nothing but Bullying!

    If this town of Little Silver is to be above this, isn’t it time to support an individual representative of small town values such as Mr. Rick Brandt? He hasn’t demonstrated Bullying from what I have seen.

    I will be voting for Mr. Brandt this coming primary, and write Mr. Brandt in the other candidate slots. I encourage others to do the same, if Mr. Neff’s campaign is to be representative of political BULLYING, then I cannot and will not support the others on Mr. Neff’s Ticket.

    Little Silver residents need to ask themselves? Do we want the way of “Swamp Tactics?” Which attack’s everyone not in agreement with Mr. Neff’s campaign or a Hometown young man such as
    Mr. Rick Brandt looking to sincerely service the young to the elderly here in Little Silver. It’s that plain and Simple!


    Timothy J. O’Reilly

  11. Nickwest said at 9:32 am on June 2nd, 2019:

    Little Silver,
    We had the pleasure of raising our kids there.
    It saddens me to see what has happened because one of its own, believed he could add something to his town.
    This isn’t about Neff vs Brandt, this is what politics has become in America. You can’t just vote against him or her, you have to hate him or her and the hate has grown
    The collateral damage that has happened to a guy and his family, YES a sex offender, because he supported the opposition is sad.
    I hope the town heals from this, it deserves better.
    God Bless, Tuesday can’t come and go fast enough.
    I am OUT and in hindsight shouldn’t have weighed in.
    Feel free to smear me, I’m extremely proud of who I am.

  12. Bully said at 2:43 am on June 3rd, 2019:

    Mr O’Leary,

    What you don’t know about Mr Brandt is that he was a huge bully in High school and would mercilessly tease and bully kids. He was even reprimanded for bullying a disabled student. I’m sorry so see that he has charmed you with his aw shucks smarmy attitude. I hope you reconsider your vote, as he will do absolutely nothing for you if he does get elected.

  13. Absolute Liar! said at 10:01 am on June 3rd, 2019:

    That couldn’t be more of a lie!
    I went to school with Rick for 12 years.
    You’ve just shown how far and deep you will go.
    Jealousy is a horrible evil and you have been bitten hard.

  14. The hate said at 10:10 am on June 3rd, 2019:

    In this thread is tremendous. Keep it going!

  15. Or is it said at 3:05 pm on June 3rd, 2019:

    a reflection of the low, personal manner campaigns all over and in the media have sunk to,these days? Is it a lack of paying attention to the often personal squabbles, out in many of the towns? Or, is it just the usual drivers: egos and agendas? I don’t know, because I know little about the inner workings of LS, but I do know, we sure don’t need another GOP internal bloodbath taking our numbers down, in this county! Every town, big or small matters!.. for the greater good, LS, stop the silky nastiness, get out your voters, and do not let the Dems bring more North Jersey/ NY to our county!

  16. Because it’s the usual said at 4:56 pm on June 3rd, 2019:

    The rabid supporters are beneficiaries of the incumbents. Inflated salaries for the PD and other departments know who’s feeding them.
    Former politician John Bennett’s daughter proudly supports the incumbents and proudly is the beneficiary of a town contract.
    The fire chiefs boss got a $57000.00 contract.
    They just like the hand that’s feeding them.
    Almost seems like they’re democrats!

  17. Don't worry Or is it said at 2:53 pm on June 4th, 2019:

    It’s not a GOP internal bloodbath. Rick Brandt supported the Democrat challenger last fall to Republican Congressman Chris Smith. He did so even though he was on the Republican Committee and then was dim enough to ask Smith to endorse him. Brandt doesn’t know what he is and has no platform. He just charms and spews platitudes. Rick Brandt believes in one thing: that Rick Brandt should be mayor