Rick Brandt suspended by Little Silver Fire Department

Is Rick Brandt the choir boy he presents himself to be?

Rick Brandt, the 30 year old packaging salesman challenging Little Silver Mayor Bob Neff in the Republican primary on June 4, was suspended from the borough’s fire department last fall.  The suspension was extended for an additional six months last week, according to documents obtained by MMM this morning.

RedBankGreen first reported Brandt’s  suspension, earlier this afternoon.

According to a December 7, 2018 letter from officers of the Little Silver Fire Company #1 to Little Silver Borough Clerk Kim Jungfer, the Mayor and Council and the Trustees and Administration of the Fire Company, Brandt was agreed to a 30 day suspension on November 30 for violating the fire department’s by-laws regarding photographing emergency scenes and using fire department equipment and grounds in photographs without authorization.

Brandt later rescinded his consent to the suspension, which would have expired on December 31, submitted a 15 page defense and alleged that “members of the fire company, in conspiracy with members of the community acted inappropriately against” him.

On March 8, Daniel Kelly, President of Little Silver Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, wrote to Clerk Jungfer and the governing body, referencing previous correspondence, informing them that Brandt has been suspended from the department until September 5, 2019.

“The membership voted the charges filed against member Rick Brandt were/are warranted and vaild,” Kelly wrote in his letter.

MMM has learned that there are more charges against Brandt than those documented in the December 7 letter.  We have submitted an OPRA request for documentation of additional violations, if any.

Brandt has not responded to multiple messages requesting comment and for a copy of his 15 page defense referred to in the December 7 letter.


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2 Comments on “Rick Brandt suspended by Little Silver Fire Department”

  1. Anonymous said at 9:52 am on March 14th, 2019:

    The Borough of Little Silver may want to doublecheck with their borough attorney as to whether this is an ongoing personnel matter and what, if any information should be released. Furthermore, did any of the photographs posted by Brandt include images of accident victims? This could place him in violation of “Cathy’s Law”, the state law signed by Gov. Christie in 2012 that prohibits first responders from publishing photos of accident victims.

  2. There goes said at 9:22 am on March 16th, 2019:

    that mayoral campaign..