Hornik and McCormac holding joint fundraiser in Marlboro tonight

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik and Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac are having a joint high dollar fundraiser tonight at Cuzin’s Seafood Clam Bar in Marlboro. The $300 per head event is being hosted by Middlesex Democrat Chairman Kevin McCabe and Monmouth Democrat Chair David Brown.

Hornik told MMM that he and McCormac have had a great relationship for many years. The both took office the same year and they consult each other on both policy and politics. Both Democrats share a strong relationship with former Monmouth GOP John O. Bennett. Bennett was close friend of Hornik’s late father, Saul, a Mayor of Marlboro elected as both a Republican and a Democrat. The former Acting Governor, Bennett, is now the Township Administrator in Woodbridge.

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Senators Vin Gopal and Joe Vitale are expected to attend.  Governor Phil Murphy is not expected.

NJGlobe first reported on the fundraiser.  The Globe’s  David Wildstein noted that a strong Middlesex/Monmouth alliance has statewide implication in the Democrat power structure.

Neither mayor is expected to have a serious challenge in November.  Much of the money they raise tonight will be wheeled to other campaigns.

Marlboro voters usually vote Republican on the County, State and Federal levels, yet Hornik defeated Republican Ira Goldberg 68.35% to 31.50% in 2015.  Nothing has happened to hurt Hornik’s populatity.  Republican Derek DeLuca, the GOP Chairman of Marlboro and a policy analyst for the NJ Assembly Republicans is taking one for the team by opposing Hornik in November.

McCormac defeated Republican John Vrtaric 83% to 17% in the 2015 election in the Democrat stronghold.

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