Jeopardy – Politics Style

By Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq

Stuart J Moskovitz

No matter the category, the answer is always Donald Trump to the liberal media and late night talk show “comedians.” All they need to do is figure out the question.

The latest foray into insanity was CNN’s blaming Trump for the disaster in New Zealand. There is so much wrong with that, it is difficult to know where to begin. The attack on the mosque in New Zealand is unacceptable. It is a tragedy. It is a further example of a world moving away from the civilization we thought had grown since World War II. That it would be exploited by anyone for political purposes is disgusting. That it is exploited by an organization claiming to be a “news” organization is not just reprehensible, it is a red flag that major changes are needed, beginning with the complete remaking of our media institutions.

When a U.S. Congresswomen is caught spewing the most virile age-old anti-semitic tropes and it is excused as “inexperience” that is not acceptable. If she is that inexperienced, she needs to spend time as a legislative aid, not an elected official with the power only 435 people in America hold.

When an entire political party has as its sole purpose for existence the blocking of the President from doing anything at all – good or bad – that is not acceptable and is not conducive to the survival of a nation. I understand the argument that the Republicans did the same thing to Obama. But the people making that argument are the same ones who argue that you can’t justify what Trump does by bringing up Obama. Need I spell out the hypocrisy in those conflicting arguments?

There are few in the United States who are unaware of the polarization in this nation. Now we understand this is a world-wide event, just as the economic collapse of 2008 was a world-wide event, not confined to the United States. The polarization in the world, the generation of hate, the increasing violence for political, religious or ethnic reasons is not acceptable. It is also not difficult to explain.

After World War II, the United Nations was formed to prevent a recurrence of what was the darkest moment in modern history. The intentions were good. When there were about 45 nations, it actually worked to some extent, although the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union prevented the United Nations from ever fulfilling its prime directive – the prevention of war. Once the United Nations expanded to nearly 200 nations, with a dramatic portion aligned with the Moslem block, it became a meaningless propaganda tool. It was clear to all that the United Nations was no longer going to be a moral compass for the world, a uniting entity to bring people together, but a propaganda generator against a single nation, ironically the one nation comprised of people most impacted by World War II and most in need of the intended protection of the United Nations.

By ignoring the impact of terrorism, by frequently taking steps protecting and supporting terrorism, the United Nations no longer serves a civilizing function. There really is no longer a reason for its continued existence. It could be argued reasonably that it lends to the hatred and violence in the world and is a major contributor to the step back the world is taking from civilization.

But there is a lesson to be learned from the United Nations. By abandoning its purpose and obsessing with the State of Israel, the United Nations has caused itself to become meaningless, irrelevant, useless.

That is an important lesson in this country. When the answer to every problem everywhere in the world, according to CNN and the liberal media is to blame Trump. When no media, no late night talk show host can go two minutes or two pages without mentioning Trump, they have all lost their reason for being; they have all become meaningless, irrelevant, useless. A democracy without a meaningful press, a democracy without a relevant and trustworthy purveyor of truth shining an objective light on our government is a democracy in decline and on the verge of destruction.

That may be a positive event for Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, J-Street and others who have no interest in American values, but for the majority of us, it should be unacceptable.

Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq, is a fomer mayor of Manalapan

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