Frankenstein’s Monster

By Stuart J. Moskovitz

Stuart J Moskovitz

The point of Mary Shelley’s novel was that as excited as we may be when we have created a monster, we must recognize that we cannot always control that monster. What we believe is “ours” can easily go another way.

No objective historical scholar can deny that Obama was a media creation. He was an obscure state politician whom the media caused to give a speech at the Democratic convention in 2004. He parlayed that speech, with the media’s help, into the Democratic nomination in 2008. The rest is history. The Democratic party was thrilled at the job the media did, assuring them the election against a far more experienced, far more qualified, far more moderate candidate, a war hero, a committee chairman, a candidate familiar with foreign affairs who had spent his life in Washington, understood federal government finance, military positives and negatives, and had experience with all domestic and foreign matters with which a President needs to deal. Obama, the media creation, served in the Senate for less than one year when he announced he was running for office. As a state senator, he was most known for voting “present.”

In 2016, the media adopted Bernie Sanders first. He almost won the nomination. He would have been singularly unqualified for the position. His views are beyond radical. They are irresponsible, shallow and impractical. Once he lost the nomination, Hillary became the media darling. What also cannot be denied is that during the Republican primary occurring simultaneously, it was Trump, their current whipping boy, who was their darling. None of the other candidates could get traction because the media turned all of their air time and print space over to Trump. With everyone else being treated as also-rans by the media, it was not surprising that he won the nomination. The media does not realize they elected him, and have spent the last two years blaming everyone else for his election, but not, of course, themselves.

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One would think they’d have learned their lesson. They have not. Now we have daily intrusions into our sanity by the troika of Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These three newly elected representatives are the new creations of the media. Don’t believe me? Name any other newly elected representative to the House of Representatives? You probably can’t – maybe one or two at the most. But you know these three. Everyone knows these three. None of them are qualified to be in the House. None of them have a background that should make them one of the 540 or so most powerful people in the United States. But they get more media coverage than many of the committee chairmen in the House. One wore a Palestinian flag when she was elected. Imagine if one of the Jewish representatives wore an Israeli flag. Do you think the press would have been as supportive? She also wrote an article for Louis Farakkhan’s website, “The Final Call.” If you think the similarity between that and “The Final Solution” is a coincidence, you are sadly naive. Another, Ilhan Omar, like Tlaib, supports the BDS, a discriminatory, anti-semitic attempt to destroy our closest ally in the Middle East. She escaped Somalia, a nation destroyed by radical Islam, to come to America, where she has spent her life attacking the foundations that make this country what it is. She could have moved anywhere to escape Somalia. Why would one go to a country she so hates? And why would voters be so idiotic as to elect someone who hated America so much, its values, its policies, its form of government, its economic system? Now, she is a part of that government. Another Frankenstein’s monster brought to us by the media. Finally, there is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The media has taken this 29 year old clueless radical and made her their darling. They even gave her a catchy nickname, AOC, like the Notorious RBG. The difference being that RBG deserves her iconic status. She earned it. She spent a career fighting for people, accomplishing many things, standing up for women’s rights, writing brilliant briefs and opinions. AOC has accomplished nothing. She had no qualifications for office. She was elected as the fabrication of the media. One more Frankenstein’s monster foisted upon us by the media. The Democratic party cheered when these three were elected. They are about to learn the story Mary Shelley tried to teach them a century ago. Already, AOC has defied Pelosi, several times. Already, Omar, forced to give an insincere apology for her anti-semitic views by the Democratic party leadership, wasted no time in doubling down on her anti-semitic comments shortly thereafter. The Democrats will learn, if they have not already, that they cannot control these monsters. The media continues to build them up at the expense of rationality, moderation and good government. It is time the Democratic party learns that the media’s help in creating a monster is not a great gift when you have no control over the monster.

With the media’s help, the Democratic party has swerved to the left. It continues to swerve away from mainstream America. It continues to support policies that are farther and farther away from America’s interests and what most Americans want. The media is pushing the party in that direction, continually breathing life into the Frankenstein’s monsters that are permeating the party. The Democratic party has a decision to make. It must make it soon. It can continue to thank the media for infesting the party with these monsters, or it can recognize that the media is not only not doing its job as envisioned by our founders, not only not serving America’s interests, but seriously damaging the Democratic party brand.

While the media continues to suggest that the Republican brand will be tarnished by Trump and perhaps disappear, the reality is that it is the Democratic brand that is being tarnished by the media and its monsters, and it may be the Democratic brand that eventually does not survive.

Stuart J. Moskovitz, Esq, is a fomer mayor of Manalapan

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