The Evans Family Rallies For Congressman Chris Smith

Ashley Evans, a 17 year old Howell  resident, has been  fighting back against the lies being told by Josh Welle in his ads against Congressman Chris Smith since she came across one on YouTube a few weeks ago.

Smith rescued Ashley and her sister Sophia from the Republic of Georgia during the Russian invasion of the county in 2008.

Ashley and her parents, Joseph and Teah have seen telling their story and rallying support for Congressman Smith since they saw Welle’s deceitful attacks.

Prompted by Joe’s comment on MMM on Friday, I caught up with Ashley and Teah during a Karate competition in Jackson on Saturday afternoon.   See their videos below:

I’m Joey Evans. In 2008 My Daughters Ashley age 8 & Sophia Age 3 were visiting their Grand Parents in My wife’s Native Country of” The Republic of Georgia. when Russia Invaded & Declared War upon Georgia the Country was Split in Half, our Daughter’s were Locked Out ! BEHIND ENEMY LINES ! I called The U.S. Embassy in Georgia. they stated Were very Sorry Mr. Evans. You will Just have to wait it out. they stated that they were very busy & then the Line was Disconnected. That was a Moment of Grief that will Live with me’ as I age Congressman Smith got Involved & a Few Days Later Our Daughters were Home Safe In New Jersey” U.S.A. for the rest of My life I will Always be Thankful I had Chris Smith on Our side. Chris Smith He’s There when You Need Him. Love The Evans Family”

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