Why Congressman Chris Smith is running for reelection

Congressman Chris Smith has had a very consequential career in the House of Representatives. His accomplishments, a few of which he discusses in this video, are very impressive. When I asked him why he is seeking a 20th term, Smith launched into a passionate litany of the difference his work has made for his constituents in New Jersey, the world, and his passion for the work yet to be done.

Smith told me that there are three roles for a member of Congress; policy, casework/constituent service, and oversight.  For Smith, casework…positively impacting the concerns of the people he serves…drives him to excel at policy creation.  He has successfully sponsored more legislation that has become law than all but one other member of the House.  Most of those laws started as a problem that a constituent brought to his attention.

Smith is famous for reuniting David Goldman with his son Sean nine years ago. The Sean and David Goldman International Child Abduction and Prevention and Return Act of 2014 gives hope, and resources, to American families who might find themselves in a similar unimaginable situation.

That’s just one example of many.  From autism to alzheimer’s to veterans services to lime disease to human traffiking and more, Smith is on a mission to make a difference. He’s running for reelection because he loves his job.

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3 Comments on “Why Congressman Chris Smith is running for reelection”

  1. Walter Johnson said at 11:52 am on April 3rd, 2018:

    Smith’s signature International Child Abduction legislation is based on the flawed Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This law makes no distinction for cases in which the “abductor” is a *victim* of domestic violence, it disproportionately affects against mothers who have fled with their children to safety. This accounts for as many as 70% of International Abduction cases.

    In essence, Smith’s law disproportionately returns abused women and children to violent husbands.

    This anti-women stance is not an anomaly for Smith, who voted against the Violence Against Women Act, sought to narrow the definition of rape to protect rapists, and authored the Hyde Amendment which was condemned by human rights organizations.

    Curious why none of this is in your write-up, Art.

  2. Kathy Baratta said at 12:52 pm on April 3rd, 2018:


    The beard. Should Wolf Blitzer be nervous?

    I, for one, wouldn’t miss him.

  3. Art Gallagher said at 9:22 am on April 4th, 2018:

    @ Walter Johnson

    “Curious why none of this is in your write-up, Art.”

    Because what you say is not so.