Trump-haters need to understand something…

By Joe Schilp

Trump-haters need to understand something… Growing up in New Jersey, I remember what New York City was like in the 70s and 80s. Rudy Giuliani went in there and cleaned it up and made it safe for everyone. Rudy was a brilliant politician, though I think when he was mayor he was on his third wife. But I didn’t support Giuliani for my father, I supported him for mayor because he got the job done.

It’s the same thing with Donald Trump. I don’t know what happened with Stormy Daniels, though I find it interesting that she’s now on a comeback tour while her lawyer talks of running for president. Attention hounds, anyone? But I didn’t vote for Trump to be my father, spouse or to date my daughters. I voted for him to, well, to borrow a phrase, “to fundamentally change back America!”

Trump hasn’t broken a single campaign law or a law in the White House. They have nothing on him. Democrats planted the Russian seeds by paying for the dossier, which was fake to begin with. They used it to launch this investigation, which is an open-ended investigation so they can look at everyone who’s ever been associated with him to try to embarrass him. So last week people who once worked for him are going to go to jail for tax evasion a decade ago, before Trump was in politics. It’s absolutely absurd.

The fact is, the guy has accomplished more in less than 2 years than any president in my lifetime and certainly in the last 100 years. Just a small sample:

– North Korea returning 60 year-old remains and halting the testing of nukes and missiles.
– For only the third time in American history, GDP percentage (4.1% for 2018 Q2) was higher than unemployment percentage (3.9%).
– UN and NATO paying more of their tab.
– Germany and China giving back on trade deficits.
– Black Business Ownership Under Trump JUMPS 400 PERCENT in ONE YEAR
– Youth Unemployment Hits 52 Year Low
– Black and Hispanic unemployment at record low.
– Worker pay rate hits highest level since 2008
– Ended $230 million rebuilding payments to Syria, a sponsor of terrorism.
– Secured release of American prisoners from North Korea.
– Significant drop of food stamp usage including a one-month drop of half a million people.
– Cracked down on human trafficking with arrests way up.
– Apple has announced a $350 billion training program, citing Trump’s tax cuts as the funding source.
– Over 100 companies gave bonuses measuring in the thousands following the tax cuts, putting more money in consumer’s pockets.
– A return of American manufacturing as U.S. manufacturing index at a 33-year high.
– Cut hundreds of regulations passed in 2016 that have saved hundreds of billions of dollars.
– Repealed the ridiculous Paris Accords, which punished America while 95% of the ocean’s pollution comes from Asia and Africa.
– He has donated all of his salary as POTUS to charity.
– Cut the White House staffing and FLOTUS staffing, saving taxpayers millions.

This week he’s expected to announce a new, renegotiated NAFTA deal with Mexico which will, no doubt, be MUCH better for America than Bill Clinton’s NAFTA deal. Really, he’s been America’s best president in my lifetime and one of the best ever.

Joe Schilp is a teacher, writer, video director and audio/video specialist.

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7 Comments on “Trump-haters need to understand something…”

  1. Bravo! said at 12:47 pm on August 27th, 2018:

    Thank you for taking the time to create this amazing list.. sadly, no matter how the man fulfills more promises than any president in our lifetimes( other than Nobama fulfilling his promise to “fundamentally change America”- into a self- loathing, divided, weaker, third- world nation,) the childish and hateful losers and media, will never stop trying to ruin all positive measures. We MUST resist THEM, by getting out and trying to stop a blue wave of takeover this November, which will cripple all future progress!

  2. Kathy Baratta said at 3:24 pm on August 27th, 2018:

    45 is a low, base, craven coward.

    You praising that POS on the day he lowered the flag that was at half-staff at the White House to honor a man who’s shoes he could not only never fill but wasn’t fit to carry reminds us water seeks its own level and this is one shallow stream. Figuratively speaking, I could wade through your thoughts and not even get my ankles wet.

    As for this “list” of Lump’s “accomplishments – he’s now riding the crest of a wave that got its momentum under President Obama. The same blue wave that’s going to wash away all the red tide now being generated by the moldering remains of the GOP.

  3. Calm down. said at 7:09 pm on August 27th, 2018:

    The flag is back up, til the funeral, and, due to their differences, the president is sending military people to the funeral, and not distract by going, (which he could have,) PER McCain’s wishes.. that would be respect for a dead person.. Accept that they didn’t like each other’s ways if doing things..I found it interesting to learn that McCain was the first to glom onto the fake “ dossier,” that started the never- ending, false narrative, in trying to get Trump out of office.. You just want any reason to hate him more, so have at it!..Some of you haters could get a check from the guy for a million dollars, and you’d still find something to bitch about.. Your right to hate him, remember, and to continue to be in love with Obama, is balanced by millions of other people’s right to like what he is doing for our economy and safety, and to be glad that other guy is no longer in office, making us a further divided, poorer, weaker country…. so, cool it.. it’s the last week of summer, have a barbecue, or go to the beach or pool!!

  4. kathys list said at 9:57 pm on August 27th, 2018:

    Kathy, your little rant and name calling is cute and all, but like MOST Americans, I’m going to vote with my pocket book and under Trump I received an extra $2,000 bonus after my usual bonus, an extra 5% in my raise, and the federal government is taking less of my taxes too, that is all on Trump, no credit can be give to Obama for that real tax cut. With my added income, I’ve been able purchase one of the most (expensive) American made cars, increase my donations to the local SPCA, visit local eateries more often, and contribute more buying in the local economy, which is where those jobs come from, again thanks to Trump’s real tax cuts. As Joe says, this is what I voted for, the rest is good TV ratings for the talking heads.

  5. Billy said at 10:52 pm on August 27th, 2018:

    Kudos! You got “Baratta” to disagree with you and indirectly insult you. That means you are in GREAT company. No sense in discussing her as I’d have to hose down my computer afterwards. Let’s just say you hit a grand-slam HR by having her disagree with you. Means you are a genius!

  6. @ Kathy said at 12:18 pm on August 28th, 2018:

    Rant Much?

    First, here’s the rules of etiquette regarding flags for Members Of Congress> On the day of, and the day after, the death of a Member of Congress.


    it’s amazing (and duplicitous) of the media to demand we respect the flag and honor a fallen Vet, after spending two years celebrating the NFL flag protests.

    And yeah, yeah, yeah; it started under Obama. That’s all you got? Oh, and how about that trade deal yesterday? Trump is fulfilling promise after promise. Suck it up buttercup.

  7. Tim H said at 7:07 am on August 30th, 2018:

    Kathy Baratta? Really? She’s still around? What is she writing for her neighborhood home owner’s association now? Please. No further comment needed.