More than 75% of accountants say Murphy’s budget will do long term damage to NJ’s economy

The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants surveyed its members regarding the impact New Jersey’s new state budget would have on the state’s economy.  More than 75% of the 921 CPA’s surveyed said that the budget signed by Governor Phil Muphy would have a negative impact on the economy, according to an article at NJCPA.com

Thirty-nine percent felt the economy would get “marginally worse,” and 37 percent said it would get “significantly worse.” Fourteen percent said it would have no impact, and only 10 percent said the economy would get either “marginally better” or “significantly better” under the new budget. 

Respondents said that the millionaires tax would lead to wealthy taxpayers leaving the state and that the increase in corporate taxes would hinder job growth.

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6 Comments on “More than 75% of accountants say Murphy’s budget will do long term damage to NJ’s economy”

  1. Rick said at 9:55 pm on July 23rd, 2018:

    If interested in saving New Jersey since the recall petition on Change.org to recall
    Governor Murphy before he distroyes this state by turn us to California East!

  2. Dino said at 6:54 pm on July 24th, 2018:

    NJ economy under this leadership is going to take a huge hit

  3. It’s okay- said at 4:13 am on July 25th, 2018:

    Our smart, tuned- in fellow voters really showed that awful Christie a thing or two, by voting D, huh? Idiots!

  4. Proud Republican said at 7:22 am on July 25th, 2018:

    This guy Murphy is the most Anti business, anti producer, anti private sector Governor this state has ever seen. The ironic thing is the middle class that the Democrats purport to back will be the ones who suffer the most under this guy’s insane policies. When companies are driven out of New Jersey they take middle-class jobs with them. Maybe that’s what he wants so everyone will become even more dependent on government programs

  5. I think said at 11:31 am on July 25th, 2018:

    Proud Republican needs to run for office!

  6. Just call us said at 5:55 pm on July 25th, 2018:

    “mini California. “ It’s what socialism does, every time! We’ll know, when we see more homeless living on the sidewalks of our best cities, and the tourists we depend on start stepping on human waste- like formerly beautiful San Fran- now, a sad, disgusting dump!!