Guadagno: Murphy’s $2 billion spending increase is insane but not a surprise

Former Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno appeared on the Tommy G Show yesterday during which she said that the $2 billion in spending increases and $1.5 billion in new state taxes are insane but that no one should be surprised.

Guadagno said that moderate Democrats who are now calling for spending cuts “sound like Republicans, that’s what we’ve been saying all along!”

The Republican candidate for governor in the election last year, Guadagno said that many voters expressed their disbelief that really would raise the taxes he promised during the 2017 campaign. “Well now we know and next year he’ll want more.”

Now a attorney specializing in criminal defense and investigations, Guadagno did not rule out another run for statewide office when pressed by Tommy.

Click here to view Guadagno’s entire appearance with Tommy G.

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9 Comments on “Guadagno: Murphy’s $2 billion spending increase is insane but not a surprise”

  1. Sad, but, said at 7:06 pm on July 12th, 2018:

    she might as well just enjoy being correct: in typical NJ electoral fashion, our “well- informed, open- minded” fellow voters went out last November and voted against a rather loyd, selfish, obnoxious guy, who was LEAVING, and in so doing, once again said: “ no matter what, we’ll put in a guy who has clearly promised to raise our already obscene taxes- we’ll show him!(you.)”- again, I state: our NJ state motto of “Liberty and Prosperity” has long ago been replaced by knee- jerk dolts, who,with their lock-step votes, say : “ We’re from NJ, please, officials, tax us some more!”.. Kim, love ya- enjoy your life, make money, get those sweet sons through school, and, rest very easy, hold your head up, and relish being again, ( sadly,) right!

  2. Funny said at 8:24 am on July 15th, 2018:

    how she was mothballed for 95% of his entire administration.

  3. Steve Adams said at 5:03 pm on July 15th, 2018:

    Your message is lost on me.

  4. Steve Adams said at 5:09 pm on July 15th, 2018:

    Kim is right. A 200k voter margin means flipping just 100k voters who didn’t get the message Murphy was and is pushing policies that will hurt the vast majority of families in NJ, now and in the future was the difference.
    Why Christie created circumstances and optics that raised the difficulty of getting Kim’s more conservative functional solutions out was so unnecessary counter productive.
    3.5 Years to go.

  5. Indeed, said at 11:39 am on July 16th, 2018:

    3.5 more years to go until Kim is supporting Shaun Golden as the Republican nominee to challenge Murphy.

  6. Good luck said at 12:43 pm on July 16th, 2018:

    with all of that. We have 3 more years of having to save every county seat, (freeholders and constitutionals,)and not lose any more locals, before any credible advancement..

  7. smokey Joe said at 7:39 pm on July 17th, 2018:

    we would all have been better off with her in the state house

  8. ModernDiogenes said at 4:26 pm on July 22nd, 2018:

    Feh! Dems and Pubs, equally corrupted and corruptible in this state. $.33 cents on the dollar lost to various forms of corruption; sweetheart deals, political law firm graft, all manner of patronage hiring, etc.

    They blather about how the other guys spend to much while they all steal. This is a state with $36 Billion in revenues yearly. Imagine how much could get done if $12 Billion of that weren’t going sideways in various types of graft and corruption.

    A pox on both your houses, and NJ voters; stop worrying about party partisan politics and get the thriving out of the State House coming from BOTH parties.

  9. What are you talking about? said at 5:43 pm on July 22nd, 2018:

    This county is doing fine, they just found $27 million to fix up the Police Academy.