O’Scanlon: “The Murphy Delay” on sports betting is “a historic blunder”

Senator Declan O’Scanlon called Governor Phil Murphy’s delay of sports betting in New Jersey, “The Murphy Delay,” a policy blunder of historic proportions in a blistering post on facebook this morning:


The Murphy Delay jeopardizes our securing Justify to run at the Haskell. It certainly increases our challenge and our cost to bring him here. What a disaster!

Governor Murphy’s delaying permitting sports betting to commence at Monmouth Park turns to disaster. Justify’s incredible victory in the Belmont – and resulting triple crown – makes him exponentially more expensive to secure for future races. Monmouth Park has been lined up to get this horse to the Haskell – and solidify the Haskell as the next step in this historic series of races – for weeks. It’s a delicate negotiation. Had we had sports betting, and the benefit of the increased purse and credibility that goes along with it, BEFORE yesterdays victory, we could have made it happen and done so at a fraction of the cost that it will now take to make it happen, if it can happen at all.

I am heartbroken, both for the loss to Monmouth Park and to New Jersey…and because of what this says about the shortsightedness of the administration. This didn’t need to happen. It was totally avoidable. And these are the people that will lead our state for the next 3 and a half years?!? This scares me for our state. And it makes me sad for all involved.

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4 Comments on “O’Scanlon: “The Murphy Delay” on sports betting is “a historic blunder””

  1. Proud Republican said at 9:01 pm on June 10th, 2018:

    If we were able to bet in NJ, I’d lay odds that Phil Murphy will be the worst governor in history.

  2. Christie's title said at 7:13 am on June 11th, 2018:

    I’m not fan of Murphy, at all, and I’m as proud a Republican as you are PR, but there is no way that you have already forgotten just how bad of a governor Chris Christie was and how much damage Chris Christie did to the the taxpayers of this state, all in the name of “Republicans”. Sadly Worst Governor is a title to be held by Chris Christie for a long time. Let’s not forget how bad Christie was and make sure that we nominate a better candidate and a better future governor than that weasel in a few years.

  3. Proud Republican said at 8:24 am on June 11th, 2018:

    Oh please, compared to Murphy, Christie is Ronald Reagan. The problem with Christie is that much of his personal ambition and coarse style is what overshadows the undeniably good things that he did. For instance, the 2% cap and the health benefits reforms saved taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Stopping a potential boondoggle like the arc tunnel also headed off a potential five billion dollar bill that the taxpayers of New Jersey would have gotten stuck with. I also get the fact that the unions hate him because he tried to rein in some of the excesses that have made New Jersey the highest taxed state in the Union. I also understand the Union’s loving Murphy because he promised to give them the moon at the expense of the taxpayers. So it is understandable for people not to like Christie because of his style and some of his silly antics especially towards the end of his term, but to compare him to this clueless far left birdbrain we have now is ridiculous.

  4. You said it Proud, said at 11:03 pm on June 13th, 2018:

    when will the clueless voters in this state wake up? Maybe in another 4 years, hopefully there will be a good fascist candidate we can all get behind.