Matt Doherty Gets Big Atlantic City Job From Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy and Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty looking like Chris Christie on Super Tuesday


Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty has joined the Murphy Administration as the Deputy Executive Director of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, according to a story posted by NewJerseyGlobe.

Doherty started the job which does not require confirmation by the state Senate on Monday.  His predecessor earned $175,000 per year, according to the NJGlobe report.

Doherty did not announce his new employment at the Belmar Borough Council meeting last night, March 6, according to the recording of the meeting posted on Common Sense for Belmar.

Last month Doherty announced at a Belmar Council meeting that he turned down an offer from Governor Murphy to be the Chief Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission because the job “was not a good fit.”   Multiple sources said that Doherty failed the background check for the MVC job and Murphy Administration insiders were concerned about the expected drama of a Senate confirmation hearing.

The mayor’s 2016 running mate for Monmouth County Freeholder, B. Sue Fulton, got the MVC job.

Doherty’s term as mayor of Belmar expires this year.  He is expected to resign before the end of the term and not seek reelection.


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4 Comments on “Matt Doherty Gets Big Atlantic City Job From Murphy”

  1. Min wage guy said at 12:56 pm on March 7th, 2018:

    $175,000/yr? Aren’t these the same guys who say you can live in NJ if they could just raise minimum wage to $15/hr?

    I’m just not sure that Matt is working
    11,667 hours this year? If Matt really tries hard and puts in a full 24 hour work day then that’s 486 days of work in a year! My hero!

    Governor Phil Murphy and Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty, more hypocrite liberals who take money from middle class tax payers of NJ to pay cozy salaries to friends while failing to come through for the little guy they claim to support who elected them. Democrats and the people who vote for them really do have a mental illness.

  2. See how well said at 9:05 am on March 8th, 2018:

    Dems take care of their own? Albeit those of possibly questionable backgrounds/ behaviors? Would be great if he could get those gloms at the Casino Control to more easily approve honest upgrades/ improvements to the industry down there, before we are completely beaten by the surrounding states! Nobody else in the industry has that beautiful ocean/boardwalk/ location. Can’t stand to see those shuttered, dark facades, and empty storefronts. We need to upgrade and capitalize on that once- healthy industry, or it will become a more seedy, wasted asset.

  3. Tulip said at 3:27 pm on March 8th, 2018:

    Thank you everyone for giving him to AC.

    He destroyed us and we are only 1.3 square

    miles. The last numbers I heard were 156,000

    Debt.. 11 various lawsuits that he has

    Appealed. 1 that is being refiled that is at 81/2


  4. Sad. said at 12:33 pm on March 9th, 2018:

    Incompetence and spending get rewarded again. Better hope for a hot summer of more tourism. Opportunity for the GOP? Need to get on that!