Op-Ed: Pensions, Politics, and the New Jersey Education Association

By Michael Lilley

New Jersey’s public pension and health-benefit system is a looming disaster that threatens the future of the state. According to my research and a recent report by WNYC – under new, more realistic accounting standards, the total amount of the state’s unfunded public-pension and retiree healthcare liabilities is $253 billion. The state budget is…

Michael Lilley is a resident of Monmouth County and a former Marine captain, as well as the former executive director of B4K — Better Education For NJ Kids. Lilley spent a year working as an adjunct scholar with the American Enterprise Institute detailing the history of the NJEA and its impact on state lawmakers, taxes, and the state’s economy. His five-part series on the NJEA will be published this month by the AEI.

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    Lilley works in New York finance- how about you focus on fixing Wall Street instead?