Inside the homeless encampment hidden in woods of Howell

HOWELL – On a recent unusually warm winter day, a handful of people milled about a camp site situated about a half-mile off a bustling stretch of Route 9 in Howell. The shantytown carved out of a township-owned section of woods has all the makings of a weekend camping getaway: a pantry lined with food, a…

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2 Comments on “Inside the homeless encampment hidden in woods of Howell”

  1. lakewood said at 9:45 pm on March 19th, 2017:

    There is an enormous population of illegal immigrants from Isreal living, “studying”, in Lakewood. Those illegal immigrants are now working the jobs that legal, natural born US Citizen once had — the huge illegal population of “students” is buying the property in town and driving the costs for entry-level homes/property in once affordable Lakewood, Jackson, and Howell up and beyond afford levels. NJ Government MUST immediately put a halt to the overdevelopment of “schools” in Lakewood and begin to seek the deportation of the very large, illegal, “student” population living in and around the area. Those “students” are overstaying their visas, marrying for citizenship, and causing harm to the people and environment around them.

    Is Assemblyman Dave Rible be willing to take up the fight against the illegal immigration problem in his district, or is he like the rest of Lakewood’s government, bought and paid by the illegals themselves?

  2. Jim said at 10:59 pm on March 22nd, 2017:

    Why do “you,” “Lakewood,” feel the “need” to put quotation marks around some of the words that you wrote? If you have a point to make, grow a pair of balls and make that point. If you don’t like the Jews, say as much. If you don’t think that yeshivas are real schools, say as much. If you have proof that someone in Lakewood is in the United States illegally, contact the proper authorities and show them some sort of evidence to back up your claims. Incidentally, how is that “you” came to know with such certainty that some residents of Lakewood are “overstaying their visas, marrying for citenship, and causing harm to the people le and environment around them?”