Howell Deputy Mayor seeks Lakewood Mayor’s help with park safety

Howell Deputy Mayor Evelyn O’ Donnell wrote to Lakewood Mayor Raymond Cole on Wednesday seeking his help in communicating the importance of adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols to his Township’s residents.

Howell closed its parks this week due to overcrowding and a lack of social distancing.

O’Donnell’s letter is posted below:


Howell Township Manager Brian Geoghegan on Wednesday issued a modification to the order closing the parks, allowing usage by youth sports leagues while other measures are deployed and evaluated.


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2 Comments on “Howell Deputy Mayor seeks Lakewood Mayor’s help with park safety”

  1. Sue Veitengruber said at 1:27 pm on October 8th, 2020:

    This has been an ongoing problem for years! Now that it is an election year the DM contacts the Lakewood Mayor who can’t enforce social distancing in his own town to “help?” Please!! Why did the DM wait until a day after the Howell Parks and Recreation Fields were closed, and all the soccer and football games were abruptly canceled?? The leagues were outraged, and rightfully so. The DM was worried about losing votes. The leagues have made sure that all their coaches, players, parents and volunteers are abiding by the rules. Yesterday, I passed the Oak Glen basketball courts and saw approximately 25 middle school aged boys, possibly non-residents, in a game. I notified Township officials, and I understand the situation was addressed immediately. The Manager has reopened the fields to the leagues so their seasons can continue.

  2. "Non-residents" said at 10:15 pm on October 8th, 2020:

    Just call a spade a spade, Art won’t censor you (I don’t think). Also, don’t be so quick to label someone a non-resident, lest I remind you of the Ramtown section of your town.