Christie breaks silence, scoffs at ‘loony’ Bridgegate trial claims

NEWARK — Ending a nearly five-month drought on taking questions from New Jersey reporters that began at the start of the Bridgegate trial, Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday said he won’t provide answers for every “loony” thing that was said during the trial. The governor, speaking at a drug rehabilitation event in Newark, briefly scolded reporters…

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One Comment on “Christie breaks silence, scoffs at ‘loony’ Bridgegate trial claims”

  1. Whatever. said at 11:34 am on February 1st, 2017:

    The fact remains that, because of his ego, it will be nearly impossible for the GOP in NJ, to come back/ hold seats/ win much if anything, for years to come. He’d be doing us all a favor if he left now, absorbed into a big law firm, and separated from the party. Doubt that will ever happen, he made it clear a long time ago it was all about him.. Ps: what a sad disappointment to see NOTHING on the state website about being happy for and congratulating our new president, the details on the Inauguration, how to go about attending the “NJ Ball,” (even though a few of us emailed them and asked,) just basics- no inclusiveness or communication!..if not for a tweet from Ocean County, one had to find the Inaugural website and work with their congressman- thank you, Chris- was not a good start for this hard year!.. Kim, or whomever becomes the nominee, has so much work to do- it will be like starting over, from zip!