Monmouth Dems Solomeno and Doherty confess their lawlessness at Manalapan debate


Monmouth Dems Solomeno and Doherty flaunt their lawlessness

Even if he did have sexual relations with that woman, Cindy, the Swedish whore (he says he didn’t and the facebook post was a joke among friends who had lost their phones) Vincent Solomeno did not break any laws that day in Amsterdam where prostitution is legal.

But in an amazing admission at the candidates debate in Manalapan last week, Solomeno admitted he would break the law with impunity should he be elected Monmouth County Surrogate.

During his debate with Surrogate Rosemarie Peters, Solomeno criticized the incumbent for issuing death certificates to any member of the public who comes into her office asking for one.  The concern being that Democrats scanning the obituaries for voters might also get the idea of stealing the departed’s identity and rob banks with credit applications instead of walking into a branch and threatening to blow it up.

Peters, who several times during the debate pointed out that Solomeno didn’t understand the office he is running for, said that the Courts have ruled that death certificates are public record.  Peters and her staff comply with the law.

Solomeno said he would follow the lead of the Union County Surrogate and deny requests for death certificates, in violation of the law.  “I’ll take a slap on the wrist from some committee rather than risk those identities being stolen,” Solomeno said.

What Solomeno did not tell the 55+ community at Four Seasons who hosted the debate is that the death certificates issued upon request by Peters’ office have the social security numbers redacted, in accordance with the law, in order to prevent the certificates from being used for identity theft.

Solomeno is taking his lawless que from his running mate, Belmar Mayor “Lawless Matt” Doherty.

Dirty Doherty has had his actions as mayor overturned by the Courts numerous times, 8 or 9, since he’s been in office.  Three times in the last year, NJ Judges have ruled that Doherty violated Belmar residents civil rights.  During the Freeholders portion of the debate in Manalapan, Doherty explained his lawlessnes.  “I’ll do anything short of getting in trouble with the law,” he said as a justification for ignoring multiple orders that Belmar perform a property reevaluation and only doing so when the NJ Attorney General was ready to come down on him if he didn’t have the revaluation.

By failing to to revalue Belmar properties, Doherty kept the County portion of his residents’ property taxes artificially low, thereby ripping off the residents of every other town in Monmouth that complied with the law regarding property assessments. “I’ll do the same for you,” Doherty told the Manalapan audience.

Belmar residents are in for a rude awakening when they get their tax bills next year after the revaluation is complete.

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