Pallone will debate Sonnek-Schmelz

Plainfield Today photo

Plainfield Today photo

Congressman Frank Pallone (NJ-6) is accepting his opponent’s challenge to debate.

Matthew Montekio, Pallone’s campaign manager, issued the following statement to MoreMonmouthMusings in response to the public challenge issued by the Republican challenger earlier today:

Congressman Pallone looks forward to the opportunity to debate. The Congressman continues to travel around Monmouth and Middlesex Counties talking directly with voters about the concerns of our community.

In his challenge to Pallone, Brent Sonnek-Schmelz said that Monmouth University has indicated a willingness to host a debate.  Sonnek-Schmelz said the campaigns could find a Middlesex County venue for a second debate.

No debates have been scheduled.

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3 Comments on “Pallone will debate Sonnek-Schmelz”

  1. Bob English said at 6:15 pm on September 27th, 2016:

    Hopefully Rep. Smith also agrees to debate.

  2. Melvina Wreiole said at 11:08 am on September 28th, 2016:

    We’ll believe it when it happens.

  3. Is anyone said at 11:32 pm on September 28th, 2016:

    running against Smith and have they challenged him to any debate?