Sonnek-Schmelz: Pallone’s behavior is disgraceful

Congressman Frank Pallone sitting on the House floor. Photo via twitter

Congressman Frank Pallone sitting on the House floor. Photo via twitter

Brent Sonnek-Schmelz, the Republican candidate challenging Congressman Frank Pallone in New Jersey’s 6th District, called the 28 year incumbent’s behavior on the floor of the House of Representatives “disgraceful.”

“Frank Pallone’s behavior of the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday was disgraceful,” said Sonnek-Schmelz. “After bragging about being in Congress for 28 years, Pallone said that the theatrics he and his colleagues conducted before an empty chamber was his proudest moment of those 28 years.”

“Frank’s right,” the challenger continued, “he does not have much to be proud about after 28 years.”

“We need representatives in Congress who can put aside their hyper-partisanship and get to work on the serious problems our nation is facing,” Sonnek-Schmelz continued. “Any politician, especially Frank Pallone, should be ashamed, not proud, of politicizing the tragedy in Orlando.”

Pallone joined other House Democrats in a “sit in” on the House floor yesterday, in an attempt to shut down Congress until the Republican majority posted gun control legislation.   In his rant before his Democrat colleagues sitting on the floor and an otherwise empty chamber, Pallone screamed that he was never more proud in his 28 years in congress.


House Speaker Paul Ryan called the Democrats’ sit in a “publicity stunt.” “The House is focused on eliminating terrorists, not constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. And no stunts on the floor will change that,” Ryan said according to CNN.

Brent Sonnek-Schmelz, right meets George Kasimos, leader of Stop FEMA now, outside his Sandy ravaged home

Brent Sonnek-Schmelz, right meets George Kasimos, leader of Stop FEMA now, outside his Sandy ravaged home.

Sonnek-Schmelz, 40, of Atlantic Highlands, is the Vice Chair of the borough’s Board of Education and a member of its Environmental Commission. He is the Chief Counsel and CFO, SoccerPost, the nation’s largest chain of soccer stores, and the CEO of City Sports, retailer his family brought out of bankruptcy and is relaunching.

The Republican newcomer says that after 28 years in Washington, Pallone is out of touch with the concerns of his Middlesex and Monmouth County constituents.  If elected, he says he will focus on improving the economy, making healthcare truly affordable, ending the heroin epidemic and getting all Sandy victims back into their homes by the end of his first term.

Sonnek-Schmelz is holding a fundraiser in Metuchen on Sunday, June 26.  His family is hosting a fundraiser on the Shrewsbury River in Monmouth Beach on Thursday, June 30.


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6 Comments on “Sonnek-Schmelz: Pallone’s behavior is disgraceful”

  1. Bob English said at 7:29 am on June 23rd, 2016:

    I’d suggest that Pallone is doing exactly what he should be doing. The most minor steps that could be taken after years of inaction by Congress despite multiple mass shootings are tighter background checks which would eliminate the gun show loophole and require checks when making online purchases. Note that these would be the same background checks that are already in place when purchasing a weapon at a licensed gun shop show nobody’s rights are being violated.

    The other thing they are trying to pass is to prohibit sales to anyone on the No Fly list. Hard to argue against that one. If you are not allowed to fly you should not be allowed to purchase a weapon. There should also be relief for anyone who thinks they are unjustly on the list (appeal to a Federal Judge).

    I’d note that no one action will stop all mass killings but maybe it would stop the next one. I get it that there is a wide difference of opinion in the gun debate but when it comes to these two things, recent opinion polls show that 90% of Americans are in agreement with what the House D’s including Pallone are trying to accomplish here.

  2. Lunny Bobby said at 11:10 am on June 23rd, 2016:

    Bob, 76.4% of all statistics are made up; but 100% of what you said is bullcrap that you are repeating from MSNBC.

    Background checks don’t work; they solve nothing, address nothing, cost taxpayers a fortune, and prevent not a single thing. The Orlando shooter had background checks done on him for the weapon’s he purchased; he didn’t purchase them at a gun show. He had background checks for his GOVERNMENT SECURITY JOB, no problems. He also was investigated by the FBI, that is WAY more of a background check that the local police department can do, and still the FBI found no reason to take his guns away, arrest him, or take any other action. Background checks are a unicorn in the liberal world; you see unicorns.

    As for the no fly list, where exactly is this list posted and how can I check if I’m on it again? What are the requirements to get on the list? Off the list? Who reviews that list and how often? The guy who was investigated by the FBI for possible ties to terrorism was NOT on the no-fly list as far as your administration tells us. So again, another unicorn that prevents nothing at all other than McCarthy-like treatment by the administration, just like your DEMOCRAT administration used the IRS to harass Republicans.

    I will note one thing that is on you lunatic liberal’s side — that is MAKING AN EFFORT. The whole democrat gun-grab is ridiculous and misguided, but AT LEAST THEY TRY!

    Where is the Republican “sit-in” on ANY of the Republican talking points, things like LOWERING TAXES? Eliminating welfare programs that are proven to not work, stopping illegal immigration? ANYTHING AT ALL?? No one has a clue what our Republican “LEADERS” have done, because they really haven’t done a thing. Make the president go on record and veto real, HUGE, tax cuts.

    ..so what will you be doing, Brent?
    improving the economy: going to “sit-in” unless federal income taxes are lower, significantly? unless federal spending is lowered significantly? unless requirements for benefits and overtime pay that put small business out of business are undone? unless trade deals that make American labor and products less than competitive compared to importing foreign goods?

    Bob and his lunatic friends in the Democratic part are right, Republicans are a bunch of doing nothings. Unfortunately, Bob’s party also sees unicorns as the answer to real problems.

  3. Tom Stokes said at 1:37 pm on June 23rd, 2016:

    When will anybody call out these leftist loon politicians for abandoning their sworn oath to “Uphold and defend the Constitution”?

    Due process is our right, and the government’s obligation, under the Constitution of the United States of America.

    These leftists are all about big nanny government and stripping the American people of their constitutional rights and liberties. They ignore the threats of terrorism and concentrate on blaming the weapon used. Why haven’t they tried to ban pressure cookers like the one used in Boston and planes that were crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11th?

    Elitists like Frank Pallone and Baraq Hussein Obama are as much a threat to our liberties as the radical Islamic extremists. They would make great Imams under Sharia law.

    Has anybody wondered why the Obama administration bends over backwards to avoid “offending” the religion of Islam? Even while those who subscribe to its extremist, middle ages lunacy, are decapitating Christians in the Middle East?

    Where is the outcry from the leftist fringe over the hatred by radical Islamic extremists against Hebrews, Christians and Muslims who espouse a different view of Islam (ie – Sharia vs Sunni).

    Well perhaps it is time to understand the background of our current president.

    According to Wikipedia, (for fact checking), Mr. Obama was born on August 4, 1961. His mother was married to Baraq Hussein Obama Sr. on February 2, 1961 in Hawaii. I guess he was about three months premature.

    Interestingly, the marriage may have been illegal, as Mr. Obama Sr. was already married in Kenya wsith two children (and was not divorced from Kezia Aoko at the time of the marriage to Stanley Ann Dunham, our current president’s mother). Mr. Obama Sr. went on to have multiple wives. It is permissible under Islam for men to have multiple wives. Wikipedia also indicated that Mr. Obama Sr. may have become an atheist in later life.

    Our current president grew up in Indonesia with his step father (Stanley Ann Dunham’s second husband after she divorced Mr. Obama Sr.) Mr, Lolo Soetoro whose religion was Sunni Muslim. (from Wikipedia)

    Perhaps that gives some insight as to why he does not wish to offend those who practice Islam. I can understand why he might feel that way. We must remember that not every Muslim is a radical jihadist who wants to forcibly convert the West to their version (more a politicized version) of Islam.

    Unfortunately, unless the adherents to Islam can cause a reformation of some of Islam’s homophobic and misogynist views, there will always be a faction of radicals within Islam who hate the freedoms in the West and believe it is God’s will that they kill in His Name. God forgive them.

    Perhaps the most interesting points that can be made is that the Holy Book of Islam (the Quran) has a chapter on the Mother of Jesus (Jesus is called Eesa) and their Holy Book proclaims that “Eesa will come again to lead an army of the faithful to fight the forces of Darjeel (the devil)”. It would be interesting to determine how their Holy Book considers Jesus (Eesa) at a higher level than Moses or Mohammed.

    It is endeed unfortunate that they cannot comprehend that Christians are already enlisted in the Army of Jesus.

    I pray that all the victims of Islamic extremism, whether Hebrew, Christian, Muslim or any other ethnic, tribal, cultural or religious persuasion may find peace and justice and that we can wipe out this horror of anti-female and anti-Western radicalism so that peace and prosperity can be enjoyed by allf humanity.

  4. Send the young man said at 10:07 pm on June 23rd, 2016:

    a few bucks: he needs help,for stepping up to try, once again,to rid the Congress of this lib lightweight,who has been taking up space for nearly 3 decades-stealing more of our money for re- distribution, and consistently voting against us as American tax-paying citizens, for far too long, period: Frank is a perfect example of why our entire Congress and Senate would be well-served by term limits: as of now, only the voters can make that happen! Good luck, Brent.

  5. So, will Frank Pallone be Chairman of the new U.S. KGB? said at 9:07 am on June 24th, 2016:

    It is THE GOVERNMENT’S BURDEN to prove in a public court of law before a judge, exactly why a citizen’s constitutional rights should be limited or taken away.

    AND to inform said citizen of the actions THEY PROPOSE be taken against the citizen. AND of course, TO INFORM the citizen exactly which governmental entity proposes the restriction/revocation of the citizen’s freedoms and constitutional rights. AND WHY restriction/revocation of constitutional rights is being proposed in the first place. (There’s more, but I won’t list it all here. Most readers will apply common sense to see all the violations evident; Bob English probably won’t.)

    IT IS NOT THE CITIZEN’S BURDEN to hunt around to find out if they’re on some random list or how to get off it.

    IT IS NOT THE CITIZEN’S BURDEN to have to root around making inquiries in order to find out somehow if their constitutional rights have been secretly limited, or even altogether revoked, by some mysterious governmental agency, and then bring case against the government to have their rights reinstated.

    What Pallone and his cohorts are trying to do is unconstitutional and dangerous. Period.

    This is United States of America we’re talking about, and Pallone wants our congress to act like the KGB. No thanks, Frank Pallone. This is wrong on every level and you know it.

  6. M Lynch said at 8:47 am on June 25th, 2016:

    The fact is the dems had a majority in the house and senate and they chose to pass Obamacare. They did not care about gun control then, LGBT rights were not their priority, nor were illegal immigrants. They went for the power grab. They passed a healthcare bill which would give them more control of a large portion of the economy forever.
    This is all BS.