He tortured and killed 19 cats. Now some fear he’s at it again

assetContentA half hour into his interview with police, Anthony Appolonia broke down, according to the chief investigator on the case. Appolonia said he was sorry. He begged authorities not to be mad. And in gruesome detail, he described how he had tortured and killed 19 kittens and cats he adopted through newspaper ads in just two…

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2 Comments on “He tortured and killed 19 cats. Now some fear he’s at it again”

  1. Christina said at 8:31 am on August 1st, 2016:

    This is a horrific story. Glad that you have it out there to educate people. This individual should never have been released to the public but put into a facility for people who do these horrific crimes and can not leave like a mental institution. Isn’t this how serial killers started with animals? I am appalled that the case wouldn’t be reassigned to another officer especially due to the mans past or all the constant complaints.. It’s not just a case of oh their cats. This man has something Mentally wrong with him to have killed 19 animals and probably more!! I am not an activist but a concerned citizen with a heart. I fear for my own family knowing someone like him is out of jail roaming freely. We need to beef up our mental health In this nation.

  2. Another catastrophe said at 9:50 am on August 1st, 2016:

    wrought from too many years of being “politically correct,” “merciful,” and mainstreaming very ill people back into society,because we can just” love” every problem away. The number of ” second chances” given to so many offenders, with both legal and illegal residents, by liberal judges, courts, and people in general, has gotten way out of hand!- This, frankly,is why Trump has hit a chord: so many people see us headed for a cliff, economically and socially, and we really need to start getting this ship turned around!