Garden State Equality to move its headquarters to Asbury Park

GSE Asbury ParkGarden State Equality, the powerful LGBTG advocacy group, announced today that it is moving its headquarters to Asbury Park in a fundraising email by Executive Director Christian Fuscarino.

Fuscarino said the move was prompted by his desire to have a headquarters that is ADA compliant and by Asbury Park’s history as a LGBT gathering place.

Four months ago, I joined Garden State Equality, and I knew right away a few things needed to change. One was our office location.

Our current office is located in Montclair on the second floor of the Congregational Church’s office building. The building opened in 1920 and is beautiful, but unfortunately it is only accessible via a stairwell.

We cannot be an organization that promotes inclusion when some people cannot even access our office.

That is why I am proud to announce that Garden State Equality will be moving its headquarters to an ADA compliant space in Asbury Park, a central location that is both easy to access and easy to get to from most of New Jersey.

Asbury Park has a long history as an LGBT gathering place, a place where many LGBT New Jerseyans have gone to find safety and community even before the start of our movement.  Therefore, it is only fitting that Asbury Park will become our new home.

The organization’s new office will be located at 1408 Main Street, between 6th Ave. and Sunset Ave in the space formerly occupied by Yes Graphic.

Yes Graphic has moved its studio across the street to 1415 Main.

Before Tommy DeSeno gets excited, GSE’s new location is not owned by Madison Marquette.  I checked.

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3 Comments on “Garden State Equality to move its headquarters to Asbury Park”

  1. Janet said at 5:54 pm on July 15th, 2016:

    Asbury Park is a wonderful place to have an office – Welcome to Asbury Park a great town for your organization!

  2. Joe Lester said at 6:49 pm on July 16th, 2016:

    Homosexual sex is an abomination. In times past God destroyed two cities for this deviant sexual behavior. It is against God’s laws.

  3. Bridget said at 9:45 am on July 17th, 2016:

    Joe Lester…
    Please get a life! I’m sure you are a closet homosexual or you would have had no interest in this! I’m also sure God doesn’t condone you playing God and judging others! Only God knows what skeletons are in your closet! Just because you’re not an “out” homosexual it doesn’t mean you aren’t one! Come on out of the closet. Or shut up!