In early morning vote, N.J. lawmakers OK sales tax cut, gas tax hike to fix roads

assetContent (2)TRENTON — The state Assembly hastily approved a plan after midnight Tuesday to cut the sales tax by a penny in exchange for raising the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon to rescue the near-broke…

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2 Comments on “In early morning vote, N.J. lawmakers OK sales tax cut, gas tax hike to fix roads”

  1. NO! said at 10:32 am on June 28th, 2016:


    Pass a bill to cut PA, DPW, NJDOT, etc ADMINISTRATION salaries by 50%; and those people will still be getting more than 5 times the national average.

  2. That's the plan- said at 10:46 am on June 28th, 2016:

    make everyone who is still working a bigger segment of the “working poor!” The argument that “out- of- staters” will pay, is such a joke,when most of our in- staters must commute to survive. So interesting this comes 3 days before the end of the fiscal year budget, huh?- if Christie signs, the Dems know it is the Reps who will get the blame ( they will run on it!,) and defeat even more Reps,next year.. Guess he is pretty confident he’ll be skipping out in Jan., ( in a vehicle he didn’t pay the gas for,) for a new job,in DC.. Bye- bye Kim and NJGOP, nothing like leaving us stronger than when you got here!. How many more economic downgrades can we take, before we are bankrupt, like Detroit, Puerto Rico, AC, et al ?? These people are nuts, this state is toast- quick, grab a tankful, and beat it out of here, once and for all!