Black Female Executive Breaks Her Silence About Working For Donald Trump

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4 Comments on “Black Female Executive Breaks Her Silence About Working For Donald Trump”

  1. Wow, said at 11:04 pm on May 4th, 2016:

    that is powerful: I hope many will see and hear and realize this is our (likely, last) chance to begin again, reach down, and unify to fix some of the mess, for the sake of the future, for all of us..

  2. Grigori Y.R. said at 10:43 pm on May 5th, 2016:

    If the Supreme Court appointments go to Hillary Clinton, you can say goodbye to the rights of the individual for at least a generation, and say hello to big government power on an epic scale.

    Don’t like the NSA? Tough. The court will not be upholding your personal freedoms when the needs of the nation demand your compliance.

    Don’t like being beholden to a particularly onerous/inept tax or law? Too bad. Government decides for the people, and is not held in check by the people. The court will see to your compliance, there will be no recourse.

    Don’t like your pension plan or your life’s savings being bled dry by a bunch of corrupt banks and Wall Street a–holes? Forgetaboutit. They have the power and the money, and you do not. They buy and sell a dozen politicians, judiciary, DA’s and ratings agencies, by the time you finish brushing your teeth in the morning. The new Supreme Court designed by Hillary Clinton will not be inclined to consider the individual family whose been hurt, when all those who are “still-too-big-to-fail” will need to keep that money train rolling on in. The status quo must be maintained.

    Worried about the national heroin epidemic, illegal immigration and terrorism? Keep worrying. Nothing will change. Hillary’s SCOTUS will uphold each and every Presidential Edict handed down by O, and any that H chooses to add to that very long list. The problems will get much, much worse. Immigrants who make the dangerous journey will continue to be abused or even killed by the predators who promise to deliver them across the border. Local school systems in the U.S. will continue to overwhelmed, as will hospitals, law enforcement, etc., and the tax burden will be crushing for the average American.

    The new Supreme Court designed by Hillary Clinton will turn a blind eye to all that senseless suffering. In fact, they will ensure it continues.

    Freedom, real freedom, will continue to slip away until it’s nothing more than a long lost memory. A very sad end to a once noble experiment in democracy.

    And that’s what will happen when Trump loses in a landslide to Hillary Clinton.

    (Remember where you were when you were warned.) What a massive clusterf–k.

  3. Patrick Short said at 11:09 pm on May 5th, 2016:

    His stance on immigration, willingness to challenge birthright citizenship (something most other countries did away with in the 1980s) and foreign policy …. He has my vote.
    If only NJ legislatures were bold enough to remove school tax from property tax; eliminate Abbott school funding and fund all schools based on an evaluated need, and property tax on income and a sales tax to capture the income that is not reported and income from those that do not own property but use our schools…then we would really have something.

  4. Give it time, said at 11:23 am on May 6th, 2016:

    All Cruzers and other disappointed supporters: many who are young folks, as we met at CPAC.. You have now learned that it takes more than philosophy and adoration to actually win. It takes strategy and enthusiasm and personality the folks can relate to. Since it seems we have become self- centered enough to think that only our guy, only our efforts count, and can’t wrap the mind around losing something, one must learn to get behind the winner and try to make those dire predictions not happen. Those of us who have had to suck it up so many times, and support Dole, McCain, Romney, only to go down to defeat, are willing to go all out, to help do everything we can to keep those criminals from getting back into the White House! Lick your wounds and cry in your beer for a few days, then grow up, focus,and help us! Those who stay home, and grouse on their”principles,” have handed it to the creeps too many times. It’s your future, and the most important crossroad in 50 years, for America!