At least 28 dead as terror attacks rock Brussels

assetContent (80)BRUSSELS — Explosions, at least one likely caused by a suicide bomber, rocked the Brussels airport and subway system Tuesday, prompting a lockdown of the Belgian capital and heightened security across Europe. At least 28 people were reported dead. A spokesman for the Brussels Metro said 15 people were killed and 55 injured in an explosion…

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  1. After this said at 10:57 am on March 22nd, 2016:

    latest outrage against Western civilization and our very way of life, I have to firmly, respectfully, disagree with Tommy, a man I nearly always agree with, in the below article.. Mr. Trump is,in fact, the only candidate who goes right at this beast, radical Islamic terrorism- calling it what it is, and affirming his commitment to take them down, by whatever means necessary.. Contrast that,with the disgusting current wimpy and delusional occupant of our White House: who just spent less than 30 seconds addressing this new tragedy, continued to praise and thank the Communist regime in Cuba, and will head out to the ball game in the stadium they painted in a hurry,for his “momentous” visit, there: it’s now beyond his usual arrogance and delusional disrespect.. Any leader,of any stature at all, would have at the very least, told us he had just gotten off the phone with the Vice President, and the leaders of Congress and our national security advisors, to be sure all efforts to keep our nation safe are heightened today, and going forward! ..But, as usual, we got nothing!..Shame on him, yet again, and the horrid, liberal incompetents taking pay checks, to do NOTHING, to do their sworn duty,to protect and save our nation from these barbarians!! This is our last chance people, please wake up, now!