Dealizt App Yields Real Savings for Monmouth County Consumers

Freehold Family Boosts Local Businesses and Shoppers

By Art Gallagher

CaptureA new app developed by a father and son team from Freehold has the potential to save Monmouth County residents real money on our everyday purchases and for local businesses to develop enhanced customer loyalty.

Dealizt was launched late last year by Dan Davidson and his son Justin, both of Freehold. The app has the look and feel of a big, nationwide endeavor, and maybe someday it will be.  In reality it is a small business just like the companies that offer ongoing discounts to new and loyal customers through the app that is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

So far the app is populated by just under 100 Monmouth County businesses.  Justin tells me that new users are downloading the app at a rate of about 25 per day.

This app is so new that none of the employees of the four businesses I visited last week to test it out were aware of it before I showed it to them.  To their credit, at each of the businesses, the discounts were honored with a smile after the employee checked with a manager or owner.

The app is easy to use.  Enter the city that you are shopping or dining in and a list of participating businesses opens. Click on the business that interests you and if you like the discount they are offering, click on the address and the map/gps app on your phone will direct you to the location. Or click on their website or phone number for more information.  When you get to the location, present your phone like you would a coupon when checking out.

So far most of the businesses offering discounts are in Freehold, Manalapan and Asbury Park.  Those who dine in Downtown Freehold are missing out of you don’t use the app.  Cafe 360, Court Jester, The Metropolitan Cafe and Sweet Lew’s Cafe all offer discounts that can be used repeatedly.

I had a great lunch at Sweet Lew’s last week for less than $8!  Colts Neck Liquors offers 10% off of a bottle of wine, with a $15 dollar minimum purchase and excluding items that are already on sale.  The Cabernet I wanted was already on sale so I didn’t get to use the app, but I saved more than 10%.

At Vintage Subs in Asbury Park you get $2 off any whole sub and you can eat it in the art gallery that they share their space with.  The discounts are also honored on deliveries, just tell them you have the app when you call.

There is plenty of food and drink discounts on Dealizt, but there is a great deal more. Discounts are offered on fitness and martial arts training, dry cleaning, doors and windows, prescriptions, apparel, tailoring, haircuts for men and women, car repairs, carpet and flooring, eye care and more. Justin tells me that new businesses are signing up to offer discounts to new and loyal customers at a clip of 5-10 per week.

Visit the Dealizt website, Apple Store or Google Play to download the app. Business who want to participate can contact Dan or Justin Davidson through their website or by calling 888-900-1808.

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  1. Justin Davidson said at 4:28 pm on February 22nd, 2016:

    Thank you for the write up! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] . Download the FREE app and enjoy!